Friday, January 15, 2010

A Country of Jealous Men

What exactly is our problem with N D Tiwari?

That he continues to get action at the age of 86, something that most middle-aged Indian men & men his age can only dream of?

Accept it or not, that is the only reason why the country is so pissed off with him. Envy. Jealousy. And the fact that sex is so over-rated in our country. I mean, what’s the big deal about sex anyway? It’s meant to give pleasure, help in carrying on the species and give an outlet to the energy that could otherwise get channeled towards violence & aggression, things that are detrimental to the entire society. There’s nothing sacred about sex. So do we mean to say that people holding public offices should be off sex for the entire period they hold office? That it’s unlawful for our Heads of State to seek pleasure?

Of course not. We’re only shocked that a man his age was getting it on with - not one - but three young women!!

No one’s talking about the fact that he was having sex outside his marriage, when that should be one of the only two things we should be prosecuting him for (IF he has a living wife that is), the other being whether he used his position to get sexual favors from these women. Did he promise them - or the person who supplied him with these women - something in return for sex? Were these women being sexually exploited by him? If not, then why are we prosecuting him?

We have no business doing so just because he was enjoying a foursome at the age of 86. Show me one man who doesn’t want to have a rocking sexual life or one woman who doesn’t want to be sexually satisfied at that age. All of us - except the lazy types - want to be sexually active till the day we die, and why not? Sex is a basic human need. We know it’s every man’s fancy to be part of a threesome at least once in his life - even better if he has three women working on him at the same time!!

So let’s grow up as a society and as a people. Let’s not overrate sex. There are plenty of men - and women - who have sex outside their marriage and/or indulge in sexual practices that are out of the norm (menage a trois, tantric sex, sex with animals, sodomy, anal sex etc.) N D Tiwari is just plain unlucky that someone videotaped him in the act. Even unluckier that he happened to hold a public office of prominence at the time.

I know for sure that all men are secretly giving it up for the dude. And praying like hell that at least their wives, if not nubile young things, would still be interested in having sex with them when they’re that old & wrinkled.

P.S.: Totall unrelated but saw a sign at Connaught Place in Delhi which was advertizing massages at home. It had a number that you could call & they would send you a masseuse at your residence/place of preference. The flyer also had an e-mail ID where you could mail your request: And infront of the sign was a man selling whips!! I could've died laughing :D

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