Saturday, May 31, 2008

Intelligence - an elusive commodity

The IPL could have done with a slightly more intelligent scheduling of the semi-finals & finals. The teams that qualify for the semis & finals deserve to play in front of their home crowds. Similarly, people from their respective cities deserve to be able to watch their teams play in front of their eyes. So who got the brilliant idea of holding (all 3!!) games in Mumbai??

No doubt Mumbaikars love cricket & are turning out in all their strength to watch the games in spite of their home team not qualifying for the semi-finals, but that still doesn’t justify denying home crowds the pleasure of watching their batsmen loft balls outside the stadium and bowlers knocking down wickets like nine pins.


Serendipity said... the top of my head -

you cant leave the finals venue undecided until the very last minute (at least in this case) cos until one day ago, you dint know who was gonna mke it into the finals!

Hence, the question of tickets, performers, marketing, advertising etc which needs to be done prior to the match needs to be organised.

Scarlett said...

i thought of ur point, obviously. but as far as i remember, tickets didnt get sold out until the last couple of days. i remember seeing adverts for them in the newspaper till very late. at the very least, they should've spread the last 3 games across 3 venues. we already knew hyd & b'lore weren't gonna make it by the time the 1st round robin was over - so the last 3 games could've been spread across 3venues & it would've still given the organizers ample time to plan things out.