Thursday, October 21, 2010


Of course, just when you're at the verge of a long weekend you must feel the sniffles coming on. The throat scratching. The head getting heavy. The body aching and begging to be left alone curled up in one corner of the bed.

You can feel the mercury rising within you.

You go down to the tea shop below your office for a steaming cup of ginger tea (because office serves gruel in the name of coffee). You can imagine the ginger in the tea soothing your itchy-scratchy throat and infusing some life into you. But the shop lady is out of tea!

You ask her for a slice of bread with butter & sugar sprinkled on top and guess what...she didn't get her supply of bread today!

You ask her if she has a pack of spicy potato chips. She has one left. You open it and the chips are all soggy.

You take your money back and walk back to office morosely. You can see your plans of getting a head massage, pedicure and foot reflexology over the weekend melt away. All you want to do is crawl into bed and go off to sleep. And you have a dirty feeling that's all you're gonna be doing throughout the long weekend.

So long my long weekend. You COULD have been. Alas, the universe has a sad sense of humor.


Bluestocking said...

Blame Murphy....he has a really perverse sense of humour

Moonshine said...

ask your maid to make you ginger tea!!! In fact make lots.. and put it in a flask!!! And gargle - many a times the throat infection dies away if you gargle as much as you can!!!

The knife said...

a post from you after so long and such sad news :( get well soon

muddleglum said...

My sympathy! Hope you do dodge the disease.

Scarlett said...

Thank you people! I'm touched. Doing slightly better today than I was yesterday. The doc says it's viral...oh well...change of season I guess. Not much I can do about it except wait it out with R&R...and loads of H2O.