Thursday, March 10, 2011


Well, I could write about many things of significance - the Aruna Shanbaug case, legalization of passive euthanasia in India, my annual anti-women's day post, the pathetic state of the Indian media that goes into a tizzy the minute some B-grade wannabe starlet like Kashmera Shah goes naked. But, after a day of non-stop working, handling people's emotions at work, and my own PMS, I want to write about completely insignificant and irrelevant things.

I do want to write about Kashmera Shah. That woman is so desperate for attention, money, publicity, whatever that she's shot naked for a calender while claiming that it's the real her you get to see in the pictures, with not an touch of Photoshop. So this morning a local newspaper posted a picture of her as she is, taken a couple of days ago. And she has fat spilling from all sides! Hmmm...I wonder how she's going to get away with explaining that.

As I type this, promos for the new season of Desperate Housewives is on air. To be honest, I stopped following the show after a couple of seasons. Maybe because it was aired at prime time on a weekend night when I'd invariably be out having a life. This season looks interesting - there's a new housewife on Mysteria Lane, so we can expect sassiness, catiness and a whole load of bitchiness.

I look for something interesting to watch from 9-10pm on weekdays. That usually is my TV watching hour. For the longest time there was Masterchef Australia that I absolutely looooooooved. Then they started showing the retarded 'Bachelor' series, went back to MC US for a very short while, and now they're showing some random series called 'Las Vegas' that's not even vaguely interesting. Inspite of Josh Duhammel. I'm waiting for it to get over and for them to air another Masterchef series...MC UK, maybe? Please please please!

In case you haven't noticed, I only watch Star World.

Right now the smell of mouth-watering tandoori chicken is wafting from my kitchen. No, you haven't asked but we're going carb free for dinner.

What randomness have you been upto?


Bluestocking said...

Am waiting for Castle Season 3 to be aired. Dunno why they keep on showing these really random and uninteresting shows.

Moonshine said...

watching nigella lawson + floyd's india.. I am home by 7 these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I cant think of a single thing I do.. someone suggested exercise..bah!!! Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Scarlett said...

@Bluestocking - Castle airs at 6/7pm anyway. How will you watch it? I thought it was over-rated...

@Moonshine - I suggest yoga. It's more interesting than exercise.