Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Does Art Work for You?

You see I'm just not an art person. I don't know how to appreciate art and honestly, I couldn't care less.

Yes, I can appreciate a painting and if that's something you're good at, I respect your talent. But it's the pseudo-intellectualization of art that escapes me completely. You draw a face and the person to whom it belongs has a story behind themselves which I'm supposed to guess, how?

And then there's the fact that no art exhibition is complete without a few paintings whose sole intention is to create shock value. All in the name of artistic freedom of course. And you see people, "art connoisseurs" supposedly, over-analyzing every single stroke of the brush, every color on the canvas as if they've been inside the painter's mind and back.

I'm sorry but art just doesn't work for me. Not even if there's unlimited free champagne involved. And definitely not when my feet are killing me from the high heel torture I've inflicted on them all day, and I'm expected to spend 2 hours walking around looking at paintings that make no sense to me and making small talk with strangers.

Nah, not happening.


mêlée said...

lets swap places then! minus the high heel of course :D

Moonshine said...

Abstract doesnt work for me either!! But if I had company with similar views as mine, it would be fine.. trying to guess the story behind the art!!! My take : good company required. :)

Tamanna said...

Go, sistah! :D :D I don't get art at all!

Supernova said...

I love seeing beautiful paintings...especially old ones like Monet and Van Gogh and Rembrandt. Some modern abstract ones are also interesting for their play of colours.
But I have to say I'd rather see something I can decipher rather than distorted body parts in lurid shades which modernists seem to favour.
Recently a Tyeb Mehta painting sold for close to 6 crores. It was titled Goddess Kali. Once you see the painting, it is mind boggling to realise that somebody paid that much money for it.

Scarlett said...

Some paintings were really awesome. They looked like photographs! And then there were a few 3D paintings that really blew my mind...they had an optical illusion thing going on. And a very cool painting on graffiti art.