Sunday, August 21, 2011

What was the last cool thing you did?

This weekend I did one of the coolest things I've ever done - I did a flashmob!!

For those who don't know a flashmob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an act for a brief time (usually a dance), then disperse. Trust me when I say it's one of the most awesome things you can ever do.

I did it along with people from my company as a way of introducing ourselves to one of our clients. Quite an original idea, I must say. This is how it works: people are hanging around at a public place doing their thing, then all of a sudden you hear music. One person randomly breaks into a dance, then a few others join in, while people around are gobsmacked and have no idea what's going on! Then the remaining people join at short intervals until everyone who's part of the mob has joined in. And when it's over, people disperse in all directions like nothing happened. Oh, it's awesome!!!

Cars honked at us, people shouted out to us, passers by stopped and started filming. The Daily Telegraph even tweeted about it.

We danced to 'Can you feel it (MJ), 'Just Dance' (Lady Gaga), 'Fireworks' (Katy Perry) and 'Dynamite' (Taio Cruz). My favorite part was being able to do some of Michael Jackson's signature moves, such as the "Thriller walk" and the pelvic thrusts. Unfortunately, the crotch grab was dropped at the last minute in favour of the pelvic thrust given we were doing it for a client, but 30 women doing MJ's "crotch grab" in the middle of a street would've been pretty awesome I think.

We had so much fun practising at Hyde Park before the final act. The English Junior Football Team was playing nearby and about 20 of them came over and danced with us. And when we started doing the "Thriller" walk, they went "Oh, is this from thrilla?" Gorgeous!

All I'm trying to say is, flashmobs are a fabulous way to spend a Saturday morning. I'm so going to do it again. We're planning to do a Janet Jackson flashmob on the day she performs in Sydney, and am already looking for some MJ tribute flashmobs happening in Sydney that I can be a part of.

Since my video hasn't been uploaded yet, I'll leave you guys with a couple of really cool flashmobs I've found on YouTube:

Have fun.


The knife said...

Life without inhibitions.... you won't read about this in self help books

Sounds like great fun. Hope you did us proud with some Bollywood moves

Moonshine said...

And nothing I have ever done is remotely as cool as this!!!!!!! Unless you count in dancing as a part of the baraat.

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - It's very liberating to dance like you don't care who's watching :)

@Moonshine - Come over, we're doing another one in 2 months! :D

mêlée said...

hey that sounds really cool!
here these days going on 'Support Anna" march has become kind of cool...and thats what we all are doing!

Kunnu said... having no care is a lot of fun...

We danced on the streets of Zurich during a festival and in a beach club in Amsterdam....and though it wasn't exactly a flashmob...our cool, unseen before...bollywood moves and some imaginary ones...caught a lot of attention...and people all around us started coping our was awesome.. :)

Will have to sometime about this. :D