Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Sunny Afternoon and My First Ever Baby Shower

I went to my first baby shower today. It was a girly affair and everyone was wearing happy summer dresses given it was a warm and sunny day.

The lunch took place at the Burnt Orange cafe in the upscale neighbourhood of Mosman, by the Sydney Harbour. The choice of location inspired by the fact that the mother is a red-head, so everyone's betting on a ginger baby!

Burnt Orange is a cafe and retail store overlooking the Sydney Harbour. The cafe is semi open air, so while you're sipping your champagne and having your lunch, you can look on to the sea and the hills in the distance, and wave to ferries passing by, taking people to the Northern Beaches.

It's an idyllic setting, perfect for a lazy weekend lunch. They let you stay as long as you want, and there's even a small shop where you can buy some trendy but over-priced stuff.

The baby shower itself was most fun. But then with 12 girls around how can it not be fun? The champagne flowed and the food was delicious, followed by coffee 'n' cake (everyone except me was British). There were many games played including one that involved a big cut out of a uterus with the mum's picture stuck on to it (denoting the egg) and the dad's head stuck on to sperms that everyone had to take a shot at sticking closest to the egg, blindfolded of course.

The party was very well organized. There were pastel coloured balloons with 'It's a boy!' written on them, tiny blue toys that rattled on shaking were spread across the table, and the mum-to-be was made to wear a beautiful blue tiara and a giant pacifier necklace.

I didn't take pictures of the view from the Burnt Orange cafe but I'll leave you with a few pictures from their website.

The cafe

The view from the cafe

The shop


Moonshine said...

How cute is that!!! Dont I just wish you were here :)

Bluestocking said...

oh...i wouldn't mind having a lazy weekend lunch at such a pretty, pretty place

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I would've totally thrown you a baby shower had I been there!! :(

@Bluestocking - There are many such places here. Sydney is a very picturesque city and the Sydney Harbour is just gorgeous!

moony said...

Love the kettles..! it seems like baby boom ! :)