Wednesday, January 11, 2012

He's closing on 40 but Jude Law is just as sexy now as he was years ago.

Jude-You-Sexy-Law, why don't we get to see more of you? :(

Sherlock Holmes - The Game of Shadows is really good. Just as good as the first one, if not better. Check it out if you haven't already - it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout. You'll like it...unless you didn't like the first one and you're not a fan of Guy Ritchie's style of movie-making.


I went to Watson's Bay last weekend. It's a 30 minute ferry ride from Sydney CBD and is one of the most beautiful places I've visited so far in Australia (of which I haven't visited many yet, and I'm the worse for it because Australia is absolutely breath-takingly beautiful!). On one side of Watson's Bay are two cliffs over-looking the Tasman Sea (the picture on my blog header being one of them). You can climb right to the top and gaze out at the deep blue waters stretching to infinity infront of you.

At a short walk from these cliffs is Camp Cove beach with golden coloured sand and clear blue-green waters, and the legally nudist Lady Bay beach.


I am so glad 2011 is behind us. Annus Horribilis. I don't know about you but I feel it was one of the crappiest years of my life. Happy to be in 2012 - it seems to be a year of hope and optimism. It even sounds so much better! Twenty-twelve...a nice round even number.

Hope you've all had a good start to the year.


mêlée said...

ha ha nice even number :D
I also somehow dont like odd numbers, except 1 and 11.

Bluestocking said...

You liked Sherlock Holmes? I have not seen the first one but I saw the second one recently. It is an interesting style but does not quite gel with my image of Holmes as a cerebral detective :-)
I too hope that 2012 would be a far better year than 2011. Cheers to that.

Moonshine said...

I loved Sherlock Holmes!!! You, me, one of a kind :D

I am excited yet apprenhensive about 2012!!!! I am sure this year will be good for you.

Scarlett said...

@Melee - The only odd nos. I like are 7 (b/c it's supposed to be lucky!) and 15 (my bith date :)

@Bluestocking - I know many Sherlock Holmes fans who don't like these movies. But that's the whole point - the story and interpretation are entirely Guy Ritchie's. He's just borrowed the character. I like his style of movie making. Watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels :)

@Moonshine - We are! And thank you for your wishes. I am sure 2012 will be a great year for you too (undoubtedly) and all your fears will be unfounded :)

Supernova said...

Hey I like the sound of 20-12 too!
Wishing you a great year with no annus-type people or horribilis-type happenings! ;p