Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Can't believe how unexcited I am about my birthday. For the second year in a row.

I don't even know if I am the same person who would start counting down to her birthday soon as March began, and would make sure the day was full of wonderful plans with not a dull moment! 

I could never understand how people stopped getting excited about their birthdays over time - guess I do now. Ughhh. I spent my last birthday shopping by myself and catching up with a few friends for a quiet dinner. This time around friends are coming up with plans and I'm turning them down in favour of a quiet dinner (again), or possibly even a night in with family and mum's cooking. 

Did I let life get to me?


bricks said...


Hows you? What happened? Busy suddenly?

mêlée said...

variety is good so change is good too :)

Moonshine said...

No, life is not getting to you!

A birthday with mom's cooking has to be awesome.

The clubbing scene on birthdays was aeons ago :) I guess we grew up.

Ay-ira said...

Hmm... sometime we all need 'less excitement' for a while. My birthday too is soon approaching and after years of having exciting birthday parties (including those hosted by my very creative parents when I was growing up!)I ended up having a stately high tea (albeit with champagne) with a friend last year. This year, as its a weekday, I may just spend a 'typical' day at work!

I sure hope it's just a phase or at least some years I'll go back to having those fun-filled parties/ holidays again :D

Happy Birthday for March.