Saturday, June 27, 2015

MasterChef Australia : Top 10

First of all, I apologize for another MC Aus post...but just indulge me, will you? :)

Secondly...spoiler alert! This post is on the contestants who have made it to the Top 10 this year, which hasn't been aired in India yet.

MC Aus is witnessing some intense competition right now and I'm really happy about the cooks who have made it to the Top 10. Each of them deserves to be there. Here's my take on them and who I think has the best chance of taking the title out (no one cares, I know, but it makes me happy so I'm going to do it anyway :)

Billie - Moonshine's favourite and now one of my favourites too, besides Georgia! I liked her since the beginning but she didn't get as much air time as Georgia (who is the cute, cherubic kinds) as she's quieter...not too expressive. I really started rooting for her after watching her in a very tough elimination challenge where they had to cook a very technical dish. The other contestants were extremely frazzled and not able to keep up with time but Billie was so focused and on top of things throughout the cook. She also got the best dish up, and that's when I realized what a great shot she has at winning this competition. Her strengths: very clever with what she cooks, cooks delicious food and very calm under pressure. We are yet to see a chink in her armour! While many other contestants break down under pressure she just gets her head down and does what she needs to do, and that is a great asset to have in a high pressure format like MC.

Georgia - Yayyy Georgia!! She's a very talented cook no doubt but she also has a very warm and cute personality. It's tough to dislike her. She has ended up in elimination twice because of the idiot John but she is such a forgiving and positive person. Like Billie she too is very clever with what she cooks and gets her dishes tasted a majority of the time. She's my favourite but strangely I can't find much to write about her...she's just so good all round!!

Jessica - Another talented cook (what the hell, they're all talented at this stage!), big on flavour. Came closest to beating a professional chef in an immunity challenge. I think she has it in her to reach the Top 5...not sure if she can win though.

Jessy - She made a dessert that the judges voted as THE BEST dish they had tasted on MC ever, so definitely a top contender for the title. She has a good understanding of the 'process' of cooking...what would work and what wouldn't, which means she makes fewer mistakes than others. She may end up in the finals, who knows!

Rose - Like most people I too had written Rose off early as she did not impress as much in the auditions as the other cooks. The dish she cooked in the first round of auditions wasn't up to the mark but the judges gave her another chance as they saw potential. She didn't knock their socks off in the second round either but did enough to make it in to the Top 24. From there on she struggled trying to be true to her Lebanese/Middle Eastern roots vs. plate dishes that were more Australian/European in taste. What she did do was survive every elimination she found herself in - and she has been in almost all of them - but now she's going strong. She's usually cooking dishes that are flavourful and homely, well liked by the judges, but I'm not sure that's enough to catapult her into the finals.

Amy - I like Amy...she's a good cook, really strong with Asian flavours, particularly Vietnamese. But sometimes she makes silly mistakes like not getting everything she cooks on to the plate, which in the final stages of the competition can be the difference between staying on vs. going home. Therefore, I don't really see her winning the competition.

Ashleigh - She has her ups and downs. She's usually on a roll with desserts, wobbly with savoury dishes. Goes on a spiral of self-doubt from time to time which reflects on the food she puts up. She's also really shy, introverted and hates being in the limelight, so it's a surprise she signed up for a TV show!! I don't really see her making it into the Top 5.

Sara - Hmmmm...comes across as arrogant and cocky. Definitely an attention seeker. But she's a good cook. She started off strong but has been struggling of late. I can maybe see her in the Top 5 but given how consistently good Billie, Georgia and Jessy are as cooks I don't really see Sara in the finals. On one of the previous seasons though she could definitely have made it.

Matthew - Awwww....warm and fuzzy....sweetheart. He has come to his team's rescue quite a few times salvaging dishes that are on their way to disaster, lending a helping hand to those who're drowning. Has a good understanding of food but isn't as dynamic a cook as some of the others, so I can't really see him in the finals.

Reynold - He has definitely been the surprise of this year for me, besides Rose. He's quiet but a very strong cook. Very inventive and modern age...the judges love him for that reason. He's exceptional with desserts...often comes up with elements one can't even think of! Really talented with presentation. He's done well with savoury dishes too. I won't be surprised if he makes it to the finals!

So these are the wonderful Top 10. I'm so glad John is out of the competition. He has shown that neither can he be a good leader (he made some very stupid decisions in a recent team challenge just to prove a point, despite pleas from his team mates and advice from the judges...this led his entire team in to elimination), nor a good team member (in an earlier team challenge he showed complete disregard for his team members because he wanted to impress the judges, once again causing his entire team to go in to elimination). He also refuses to learn - throughout the competition the judges have been consistently giving him the same feedback to not over-complicate things in a bid to impress - but he refused to take it on board and that ultimately became his downfall.

So who do I see making it to the finals? Although I would love to see a Billie vs. Georgia final (and then I won't know who to support!!) but I think it's a toss up amongst Billie, Georgia, Jessy and Reynold.

What do you think??


Moonshine said...


I like Reynold too.

Bluestocking said...

I am really rooting for Reynold - he reminds me a little of Callum. Very young but talented. A brilliant little boy competing with the adults ;-) I also like Billie and Georgia. I can't decide whether I like Sara or not. Kind of reminds me of Scarlett O' Hara - very gritty but not always likable. And I feel a little sorry for Ashleigh. She is very good- won an immunity pin! But I wish someone would give her a draught of confidence.

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine / Bluestocking - I like Reynold too...he's so creative and calm for his age. I wasn't very fond of Callum...he was always a bundle of nerves :) Laura from last year was about Callum's age I think (18) but she was more mature.

Sara used to put me off in the beginning. They showed her to be fiercely competitive and arrogant, but then I read something by Matt Preston where he said that she isn't like that at all in real life. So now I'm confused about her.

Even Matthew is such a sweetheart but I'd like Georgia or Billie to win!