Friday, October 17, 2008

Life is Miscellaneous

Status message of a fellow blogger on Facebook : Drona – Where Priyanka Chopra fights the villains armed with nothing but her cleavage

I found it hilarious & told the guy (you know who you are! ;-) that he should NEVER underestimate the power of cleavage!!


So, I need some help. I need to get initiated into the world of PINK FLOYD.

I haven’t heard much of Pink Floyd so naturally, I’m not a big fan. But everyone else around me seems to be. Friends, ex-boyfriend, people at work…Everyone. And they find it outlandish (used on purpose : notice the dictionary meaning “freakishly or grotesquely strange or odd, remote from civilized areas" : this is exactly what they think!!) that I’m not a Pink Floyd fan too. In fact, one of the girls in my team worships David Gilmore. She knows everything there is to know about him, probably even how many strands of hair he has on his chest if he has bothered to count them!!

Besides, I’ve always been more of a U2, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band person so Pink Floyd never really caught my radar. Now I need help on where to start…which of their songs should I listen to first? Any ideas?


There’s a new breakfast place that has opened up in Calcutta….a pancakes, waffles, crepes kind of place. Very nice dark wood interiors et al. It had the potential to be an awesome breakfast jaunt BUT….the owners just HAD to ruin it so…they’ve made it VEGETARIAN!!!!! No prizes for guessing who the owners would be. Definitely not Bongs or Punjabis.

What is this with Hollywood celebrities? Why are they so WEIRD?? I read somewhere today (I’m not going to disclose where b/c you guys will call me a trashy tabloid reader) that:
  1. David Duchovney (Fox Mulder, people!!) went to rehab for s*x addiction. Man! I wonder how one become a s*x addict? I mean, I know some things are addictive…like drugs, alcohol, Rock ‘n’ Roll…but how can addiction to a good thing be perceived to be bad to the extent that it requires rehab? Besides, what do they tell you when you’re in rehab for being a s*x addict?? “You should not think of s*x all the time. You should have less s*x.” What??
  2. Colin Firth took a playboy model to court because she threatened to leak a sex tape featuring the two of them. He got scared that his mother might see the tape & say that he reminds her of his father from certain angles!! What a thing to be worried about!!!!!
  3. Amy Winehouse, whose singing career was speculated to have crash-landed prematurely thanks to a drug addiction, blames the DEVIL for her drug habit!! So all ye folks who ever have/do fall prey to drugs, just blame the Devil for it. It’s never your fault :-)
  4. On another note, I feel kinda bad for Guy Ritchie (Madonna’s husband). The couple is getting divorced & out of their joint wealth of £300mn, only £20-30mn belong to him. The rest belongs to Madonna!!


Nirav said...

You have to start with Coming Back to Life... and then go to Comfortably Numb. Get drunk/stoned to the point of getting senti if you want to really really enjoy these songs :-)

Scarlett said...

Thanks Nirav! So you're a Pink Floyd fan too. I don't think doing either of the things you mentioned would be a problem given the amazing people I've met since coming to Calcutta. Long live Bongs!! ;)

Moonshine said...

I used to have a friend like that earlier!!!! Floyd worshipper!!! Becasue of him i could at least identify some popular floyd songs!!! BUt i used like govinda a lot connection i know.. but used to get the bar play govinda numbers when ppl were drinking .. just to needle them.. come to think of it.. i still enjoy old govinda movies like hero no 1, jodi no 1, haseena maan jayegi etc!!!

Farcenal said...

Haven't heard much of Pink Floyd. I'm more of a Doors/Beatles kinda guy. "Money" is a great song by Floyd though.

Haven't seen Drona - have been out of touch with Bollywood since leaving India. Apparently it is worse than legendary train-wrecks such as Dhoom 2 and Fanaa? I can't wait to watch it.

I don't feel sorry for Guy Ritchie. What did he go to deserve that money? If he wants money, he should have worked as hard as Madonna. "Oh no I'm stuck with a measily $30m, whatever am I going to do? I will have to move to council housing and live like a pauper. Oh woe is me" :D