Saturday, May 1, 2010


Read this.

Speaks volumes about us as a people. The TRPs of this show - whatever show it is - are undoubtedly pushed up by aunties who're frustrated with cooking, cleaning, multiple child-rearing & and pot-bellied, fat ass, lazy husbands, and by mid-age crisis sticken uncles who don't get any "action" at home and therefore, like to see women getting beaten up, exploited and oppressed (it's their perverted, indirect revenge on womankind).

I'm thanking God for a mom who sticks to movies on television (honestly, I'd much rather she watch cheesy Hindi movies of the 70s/80s than such regressive shows), and a dad whose TV viewing habits revolve around Nat Geo, Discovery & Animal Planet.


Moonshine said...

sick people!!!! we are way better watching indian idols of the world!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Totally. We might be suckers for reality TV but atleast we're supporting talent...rather than regressive, sickening shows.