Monday, May 17, 2010

Cannes-t Get It Right

What can I say except that it’s a shame that women who’re in the glamour industry and who have a retinue of designers and stylists designing for them and styling them, cannot get their act right. At the biggest red carpet events at that.

Aishwarya Rai’s first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2010 in a pale blue Elie Saab Couture gown was a disaster.

There were a number of problems with her look:

  1. That gown is meant for someone thinner and more toned than Aishwarya Rai, currently. She looks like she’s gained quite a bit of weight recently, which is fine. Totally fine. But the fit of that gown is very unflattering on her. It makes her look podgy and highlights her big hips. She should’ve chosen a gown that suited her current body type better and congealed the flab.
  2. The color of the gown on her skin tone, along with the mute make-up, make her look completely washed out. She should’ve gone with a pink/pink-purple lipstick. A little bit of pink, rather than nude, on the cheeks wouldn’t have hurt either. L’Oreal generally does a much better job of her as far as her make-up is concerned, so I’m surprised.
  3. THE HAIR! THE HAIR!! THE HAIR!!! L’Oreal needs to shoot their stylist. NOW!

Her second appearance was MUCH better in comparison, but she still doesn’t quite cut it for me.

This gown again highlights her big hips and fully exposes her untoned shoulders/chest/arms. An off-shoulder gown with an empire waistline or a silhouette that’s more clean & structured from top to toe would be more flattering on her.

Aishwarya Rai did give us a fab look later which is up on my Ab Fab blog!

All said and done, I’m surprised that L’Oreal’s stylists mess her up so bad at Cannes almost every year. If it's not the outfit (remember the parrot green Neeta Lulla horror?), it's the hair!

I think Aishwarya Rai should seriously consider traveling with her own stylist - one who can give her an international look given that it's Cannes and she goes there as one of L'Oreal's brand ambassadors and not a representative of India/Bollywood per se. Afterall, she looks much better at events in India. Her stylists know what looks good on her and what doesn’t, where as L’Oreal’s stylists may not understand her face/body type so well given that they are more used to European/American faces & body types. And come on, after being in the industry for years, Aishwarya Rai should know what works on her & what doesn’t!

Deepika Padukone also made a Red Carpet appearance but in a sari, an off-white & gold Rohit Bal saree to be precise.

The saree itself is nothing exquisite, and it's more suitable for a formal dinner or wedding.

Secondly, it's tied too low (that large expanse of midriff does not look very elegant with a sari). The pallu is pulled up too tight and falls unevenly at the back. The blouse looks like it’ll ride up any minute! (Someone please explain to me why she's jutting her chest out in that picture?) Even her make-up is amateurish – the base is unevenly spread (notice the dark areas around her mouth).

I feel Deepika Padukone should have worn a gown on the red carpet. She has a very Western body structure – tall & lean – she would’ve looked good in a strapless gown.

What are your thoughts on these appearances?

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Chanz said...

errr... yeah... both of them messed up big time at cannes... I mean, give me a break... It is CANNES, for christ's sake

Scarlett said...

@Chanz - Aishwarya Rai DID get get her act together later, in the fuschia Gucci gown & the Sabyasachi sari. I wish Deepika had done better. Cannes is a BIG red carpet event.

The knife said...

Ash looked a bit chubby now that you mention it

Deepika seemed like she was about

Moonshine said...

The picture on your other blog is 200 times better!!! Do they not see in the mirror.. do these guys rely so much on designers that they do not see themselves!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - The other blog has only 'fabulous' stuff, therefore the better picture is there :)

Aishwarya Rai was representing L'Oreal at Cannes, therefore she had to wear a gown. I think that's part of the contract. But even among gowns, there are so many to choose from! I'm sure she could've found better gowns to wear from amongst the designers she chose. And she should've paid more attention to her make-up definitely.

Supernova said...

Aishwarya has definitely become pudgy and it shows to her disadvantage in those gowns. You're right its amazing that these celebs with so many people at their disposal still can't seem to get their act together. I don't think Deepika looked so hot in that sari either...her midriff is as expansive as a continent!


Does anyone knw wat fashion is? it is easy to mouunt ur a** in ur chair and give such stupid comments. v shud b proud tat they did their best. I luv her gown and its absolutely fab.. gurls, just keep off ur stupid comments. and y dont u guys try up at cannes? and u ppl criticizing about loreal? oh sheesh! gimme a break. watch out ur words ladies. to the author who had posted all the crap, u dont deserve to give nonsense comments. got it!