Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Official!

Marriage is bad for your sex life.

As I'd suspected all along.

According to a poll conducted on 3000 married people by a UK based dating service - Extra-Marital dating service, no less - marriage takes a toll on people's sex lives.

One-third of the people suyveyed admitted to no longer fancying their partner as much as they did in the early days, while more than 40% claimed that their partner had let themselves go!

The research also found that before marriage, couples have sex more than 4 times a week but after 3 years of marriage, they are likely to have sex less than once a week. 60% of couples even believed that marriage has completely ruined the excitement of having sex!

And here's a funny piece of statistic - almost 80% of married people prefer getting a good night's sleep to making the effort to have spontaneous sex in the middle of the night!

Hmmm...this survey isn't inspiring much confidence in me as far as marriage is concerned :)

One-fifth of the people polled also said that they would understand if their partner confessed to sleeping with someone else, so the more important question is - are we finally seeing marriages mature?

What's your take on this?


Moonshine said...

Well the same thing can happen if you stick to one person even when dating!!! How will it be any different?

muddleglum said...

Had to laugh.

Of course you realize this survey is next door to bogus, don't you? Good jest anyway and an excellent way to prime more gulls for their dating service.

You oughta ask 'em for money for the advertisement.

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I think the key is that once you're married, you're in each other's face all the time. That ought to take a toll on the relationship. While as long as you're dating you do have the option of putting a little distance between the two of you.

I hope I didn't offend you through this post but my personal opinion is that yes, marriage must take a toll on one's sex life. Ofcourse it has its positives too - the relationship the two people share is at a different level altogether.

@Muddleglum - Did you not get the sarcasm in my post? I take such surveys with a pinch of salt. It was a conversation piece, that's all.

muddleglum said...


Did I sound that dogmatic? Sorry!

Sarcasm isn't easy to express, but, yes, I saw what I thought was humor, (and have read enough of your posts to be pretty sure of it) and thought I responded to it.

Is my glum is more muddled than I thought?

Moonshine said...

I am wondering what is it that I can say that can make you think otherwise!!!! And I think I said it!!! rofl.