Sunday, September 26, 2010

'Dork' and My Upcoming Vacation

'Dork' by Sidin Vadukut is one of those really funny books that are so hard to come by. It's laugh-out-loud funny. It's the story of a guy who has just started working at a management consultancy and the blunders he makes during his first year.

The setting is very familiar - the corporate world. All of us who've held some kind of a corporate job will identify with the story and the things that happen. We all know/have known guys who think they're the best thing to have happened to the corporate world but in reality they're crap. The guy who gets drunk at office parties and makes a fool of himself. The guy who goofs up big time in important client meetings/presentations. Office politics. Colleagues who pretend to be our friends but backstab us at any given opportunity. The book will have you in splits. I would highly recommend it! More so if you're going to be on vacation like I'm soon going to be (BIG smile :D) and are looking for a light, fun read.

Let's now talk about my impending vacation, shall we? :)

I'm going to the hills! Far from the heat, humidity and psychotic weather of Calcutta. To a place I've never been before. Hopefully it'll be misty and cool. And my hotel has a fireplace! A functioning fireplace. How charming is that! Apparently they give you logs at night to keep the fire burning as the temperature dips.

There are two reasons why I'm so excited about this vacation. For one, I'll be spending 5 days with Moonshine & her adorable husband. They are two of my absolutely favorite people in this world. Moonshine is fun, she's very similar to me and I haven't met her in two & a half years now! We've become really good friends during this time, or so I like to believe :P

Besides, we have a lot of gossipping and catching up to do. It's going to be 5 days of unadulterated girly fun.

The second reason I'm really looking forward to this vacation is that I haven't been on one in the last 4 years. Can you imagine? That's an excruciatingly long time to not have taken a vacation (and by vacation I mean more than a couple of days off).

I've always had a reason or another to not take a vacation and it's mostly been work-related. In the past 4 years that is. Before that, it was always a shortage of money. I had just started working and was living in Bandra and paying enormous rent, so I never had the money to go on vacation. And in my first few years of working I didn't mind it so much either.

Over the past 4 years though it's always been an issue of too much work. In my mind at least. So while colleagues trooped off on weeks long vacations, I always felt I had too much work. So how could I have gone on vacations? But one of the many things I've decided to do for myself since turning 30 is that I'll take at least one long vacation every year. Maybe two. Maybe one long & one short. Because...I'm worth it! And because there IS such a thing as 'burn-out'.


Moonshine said...

2 week long vacations in a year and at least 3-4 short trips!!

This year I have only done Pondicherry.. one quick weekend trip to calicut to my parents place.. Now next is mysore and then colombo!! So finally somehow have managed a few trips!!! BUt yeah, the story of too much work and how can I go on leave for a week.. is the same everywhere!!!!

Moonshine said...

I am so looking forward to your trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We can catch fear factor together!!!!! rofl

mêlée said...

When I started reading the post, I was a bit J abt your vacation, but 4 yrs is a long time and you are totally worth it :)
There actually is the burn-out thing you mentioned! and think of traveling 10 days a month, on work, alone :( thankfully my lie is better now!
have fun girl :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I'll be spending weekends with you so we may not be able to watch KKK together :)

I'm totally envious of your trip to Sri Lanka. It's supposed to be really pretty!

@Melee - Thank you!

Scarlett said...

@Melee - I've taken a couple of days off here & there, combined them with the weekend and gone on trips. But I'm going on a long-ish vacation after 4 years.

eye-in-sty-in said...

oh boy... a vacation in the hills sounds like so much fun! I remember the last hilly vacation I had in Manali. Beautiful surreal place! Whats ur destination gonna be? Always keep a pen n paper with you - inspiration strikes easy @ such beautiful locales!!! And yes - enjoy urself to the fullest :-)

Bluestocking said...

Hills and mountains are my absolutely fave vacation places :-) enjoy

Supernova said...

Reminds me its time I took a holiday myself...I can feel a burn-out looming...
Hope you have a great time and charge up the batteries!
Btw, 4 years without a vacation?! Sheesh!