Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank you, Anna Hazare

What a man. I mean, WHAT.A.MAN.

Imagine the amount of selflessness it takes to go on a fast unto death for the people of your country. I was praying for his health everyday, given that he is 73 years old.

'I Am Anna Hazare' was no twiterrati movement, as the government would like us to believe. It was a people's movement that got the government to acknowledge their demands. For there can be no government without the support of its people.

Corruption is eating away at our country. Every day we open the newspapers or turn on the TV to read/hear of some scamster laundering away people's hard earned money that they pay as taxes. And the government instead of punishing them gives them a free pass to go enjoy the cool climes of England, away from the heat they would've had to face back in India.

The timing of Anna Hazare's movement was a masterstroke. He waited for the World Cup to get over so people's attention was not diverted by the game. The fact that India won the World Cup only worked in their favor - people were already high on national pride, and they were feeling an emotional void for the sudden lack of something to root for. It was the right time to strike.

I'm very proud of my country and its people for the way we've rallied around Anna Hazare, particularly the youth that came out in full force to fight for themselves. The success of this movement is a glowing example that at 1.2 billion people, India is the largest and the most thriving democracy in the world.

Thank you, Anna Hazare.


Moonshine said...

Wasnt it the most awesome feeling? You feel so good being a part of a society that is bothered. Hats off to him!!

The knife said...

I think that the passion and awareness that he aroused was fantastic ... woke the nation

Whether we will stop being a corrupt nation after the fast, guess I am too old and cynical...would be happy to be proved wrong someday

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I was very surprised at the way his movement mobilized the society. Shows that we have the willingess to stand up for what's right, but we need a leader.

@Knife - We won't stop being a corrupt nation all of a sudden. But we've taken the first step towards it, I think.