Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Existential Angst

You know that feeling when you're dying to pour your heart out on your blog but you can't because you don't blog anonymously anymore? And your blog isn't read only by your friends but by an assortment of people? And you're now at an age where you start weighing the pros & cons of your actions and you don't let yourself get carried away.

I so miss being in my early 20s. When no problem meant the end of the world. When you were able to just get up, shrug, brush the dust off your hands and move on if things weren't working out the way you wanted them to.

Since I can't - rather won't - crib about certain things on this blog, I'll tell you what I need right now.

A gang of the most fun girlfriends!!!!

I so miss having a girl gang at times. I've mostly had guy friends right through college and my 20s, and while boys are crazy fun too they won't pull you out of an emotional crisis. Most of them at any rate. You can only crib so much to them before their eyes glaze over and they suggest you drown your sorrows in bottles of chilled piss, a.k.a. beer.

Girl friends are so much more fun. They 'understand' and they know just what works when the chips are down - a great shopping session buying things you don't need, watching chick flicks and gossipping! Ah, therapeutic!

My girl friends are scattered all over the globe now and most of them don't even know each other, so I really do miss having a "girl gang". And what I need right now is a week in Goa with my girls, lazing around on the beach in beach hats, oversized sunglasses and floral flip flops, and sipping on unlimited apple/strawberry martinis. With a game of paintball thrown in. Why should boys have all the fun?


Life isn't all gloomy though. I just learnt that my new place of work has the most laidback dress code - jeans! Even for client meetings!! Without rips & holes though. I think I can live with that :-)

And the city I'm about to move to has the most glorious weather - 18-30 degrees (Celsius) in the summer and 5-20 degrees in the winter. I can live with that too! :D

And I've been reading a very funny book that The Knife gave me when I met him last. It's a book by Bill Bryson called 'Down Under' where he talks about all the things that can kill you in Australia. There are thousands apparently! But it also showcases the spirit, niceness and funness (?) of the Australian people. It's a travelogue but one of the funniest books I've read.

So yeah, life is good bits & pieces. But why must it always be bittersweet?


Moonshine said...

Come to Goa along with me next week!!!! :) I cant promise you a gang of girl friends.. but a chilled out holiday nevertheless!! :)

I love your new office gear.. you are going towards the informal mode.. and me more formal :))

Tamanna said...

Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. To everything. And I REALLY hope you are moving to Bangalore. Err are you? We can hang out you know, get that girl gang thing going :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I'm not about to crash your anniversary holiday with your husband!! We'll do it later :)

@Tamanna - Sadly, no. For now I'm moving to the other corner of the world. But your girl gang offer sounds totally awesome and I'll take you up on it when I come back to India :)

The knife said...

Completely empathise with the first part. And I need to go to Goa at any point of the day...first time was with a gang of girls! Well almost a gang

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Plan a vacation to Goa with your friends then! :)