Thursday, July 14, 2011

So I go to sleep and everything is alright with the world. And I wake up to news of bomb blasts in Mumbai. Yet again.

Seriously, I've lost count of the number of terrorist strikes the city has been a victime of. Lost count of the number of times the city's famous "spirit" has been evoked. Lost count of the number of governments that have gone out on the back of these strikes. Yet Mumbai gets battered, time and again.

The drill has started. America has condemned the strike. Our central government has expressed regret, the Home Minister has washed his hands off the responsibility saying he had warned Mumbai Police of possible terror attacks, and the Mumbai Police are as usual clueless about how such a thing happened (you'd think they would at least have an excuse for non-action pat down by now). And the Government of Maharashtra says it's not sure whether this was a terror attack or gang war. Really?

Goes to show that nothing will happen this time around either. At the most Maharashtra will get a new Chief Minister.

The Australian media does not cover India. The TV channels here are so involved with what's happening in their own country, they don't really care which part of the world is going to hell. Unless it's the UK. They care about the UK. In fact they have been following Will & Kate around the globe every single day since the two got married. But terrorist strikes in other countries get 20 seconds of air time.

Well, maybe they're not to blame. Australia is so far removed from everyone else - and to be fair to them the rest of the world doesn't care much about them either - that they've learnt to be self-sufficient. Good on them I guess.


So this woman I know...went to work yesterday, went into labour around lunch time, hailed down a taxi, checked herself into the hospital and had a C-Section done - all on her own. Her partner was out of town and by the time he was back, the surgery was already underway. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.


That's it for now. I'm having a bad sinus attack. Have been on decongestants since morning. The weather really needs to warm up. And the icy winds need to go take a chill pill (ironic!). And the sun needs to work harder. I NEED SUMMER. NOW.


Bluestocking said...

Less said about the attacks, the better. Seriously, maybe Mumbai needs to lose its resilience. It's the same story everytime - salute the spirit and then forget until the next time. And there are gems from politicians everyday. Rahul Gandhi has said today, "Not every attack can be stopped". Really does he have to be so callous in his remarks, when families are grieving their dead.

Moonshine said...

I hate it when they say the city is resilient. What does that even mean? That it doesnt matter? It can happen again and again??

eye-in-sty-in said...

coming home after years in USA and I can safely say that life in Bombay sucks! bad roads, unsafe and no regard for human life! On a bridge there is so much sand and so little tar used that water has cut channels that are more than a foot deep! Speedbreakers have been made out of sand on highways and are not painted. Cars jump over them and lose control. There are paint strips laid at the bottom of flyovers that cause all vehicles to rattle out of control! its pathetic! Maharashtra govt needs to go and see Gujarat to know what a good road is. The blasts are another insult to injury to the citizens of Bombay!