Friday, April 11, 2008

Any random shit!

I discovered a new restaurant in Bandra today. Khaan-e-Khaas at Pali Hill. I'd been reading about it on someone's blog but surprisingly never noticed it though I'm a 5-Spice regular & also go to Papa Pancho quite frequently.

Ordered food home from Khaan-e-Khaas. The service was quite prompt. They told me they'd take 45 minutes to deliver at Reclamation but they were there in 30 minutes flat. I opened the door & to my surprise the delivery boy goes "Hello madam, how are you?". He totally floored me with that & I found myself saying "I'm actually very good, thank you!" with a BIG smile :-) The place has earned brownie points from me just for that. How many delivery boys do we come across who're pleasant & amiable. Most are rude, scowling & never give you change even if they have it on them! Khaan-e-Khaas gets 10 on 10 for politeness & courtesy.

I would rate the food as 6 out of 10. I'm no connoisseur of food. I neither know nor have ever had the inclination to learn how to cook but I do eat out quite a bit. I've had better Punju food before. Khaan-e-Khaas' food is slightly more towards home food, in that they use less oil as compared to other restaurants (which I was thankful for given my recent low carb diet) but sometimes you just crave spicy, oily North Indian food ;p


I consider Preity Zinta to be one of the smarter actresses we have. I used to think she has half a brain (as compared to most other actresses who are brainless twits). But of late, I've been watching her on TV attending INDOOR reality shows, press conferences etc. wearing humungous sunglasses!

Big sunglasses definitely are the latest fashion statement but come on, PZ...We think you're more intelligent than that!!


Midgets in Brazil have formed their own football team! That's what I call true human spirit & the love of the game. Viva Brasil!!


Have seen a couple of promotional videos for Kolkata Knight Riders. They're filmy alright, and even a little silly but then, that's Shah Rukh Khan for you! I am definitely supporting the Knight Riders. They've got Sourav Ganguly & they seem to have the right spirit towards the game. When SRK was selecting players for the team, he didn't say he wanted to build the best team. He said he wanted to build a "winning team". That's the spirit needed for competitive sports; you play to win! Besides, Kolkata Knight Riders is the only team that's creating excitement around the IPL games. Teams such as Jaipur, Chennai & Hyderabad are nowhere to be seen or heard. And Mukesh Ambani has given his team THE MOST retarded name ever. Mumbai Indians?? I mean...Seriously!!

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