Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is it!

The movers & packers came home this morning to take my stuff to Calcutta. All I have with me now is just enough clothes to see me through two weeks at home.

Never thought that after having lived in Bombay for so long, it would just be a matter of three days before I leave. It’s heart-wrenching. I love this city so much I don’t know how I’ll manage to stay away. I’ll go through major withdrawal for sure. I’ll always be a Bombay girl.

Life is very funny indeed. I never thought I would be moving to Calcutta. I liked the city on my various visits there – I always felt that Calcutta had the heart of a small town in spite of being a metro. I loved the laidback lifestyle, loved the fact that Calcuttans value things in life other than money. But I never thought I’d end up living there!

Well, life has its ways of getting you around to doing things you never thought you would so, and therefore the saying “Never say never”.

So yeah…this is it! Three more days in Bombay and then it won’t be home anymore. Even though I know my way around, I’ll still be a visitor to the city. But then again, I took a conscious informed decision to move out, so can’t really complain. I’d like to end this post with the opening lyrics of Vince Gill's 'The strings that tie you down'...

You're so close to telling me your leaving
Packing up your things and leaving town
If you can walk away the rest is easy
Once you cut the strings that tie you down


The knife said...

I can quite imagine that it is difficult to get Bombay out of one's were you the stranger beaming at me across the alley at office on Friday?

Scarlett said...

If there was only one stranger beaming at u on Friday, that would be me :)

The knife said...

no I don't flatter myself enough to think that i usually have strangers smiling at me. I did think it was you for a moment but was too caught up then...You should have given a shout.

Scarlett said...

it was nice meeting u. all the best for ur stay at nielsen. hope u'll enjoy it :)

Scarlett said...

oh, forgot to add...take care of the cholestrol! :)

The knife said...

ya same least now I won't keep looking at people and wondering about who this mysterious person is. In fact ur blog is very good. I must find out things from you in terms of putting links etc. Right now because of blocks I can't put up photos. thanks for the cholesterol reminder...let's see what the tests say in May

Staarin said...

We are same, you and I,
All packed up and ready to fly,
Just need that one, willing to try,
To open our wings and take us high..if you know what I mean.

Go luck girl!