Sunday, April 13, 2008

Show me the money!

I've been writing a lot of 'filmy' posts these days, but I'm a movie buff & I live in Bombay (that too in Bandra, the celebrity central of Bombay) so I can't escape the clutch of Bollywood :)

Read in Bombay Times today that Hindi movie actresses are charging never heard of amounts these days! While Ms Rai charges 3-4 crores per movie, Kareena Kapoor & Katrina Kaif charge in the range of 2.75-3 crores. Excuse me...did I read Katrina Kaif?? The lady cannot act to save her life! Race being the latest case in point. She's pathetic in the movie. She's really there just to look good. She's expressionless, can't emote, can't speak Hindi without an accent. I'm sorry lady, you are not going to get sympathy from me for not having been born & brought up in India. You should atleast have learned to speak in Hindi before you thought you were entitled to "act" in Hindi films. Just because you are tall, thin & fair-skinned with half firang parentage does not qualify you to become a "Hindi film heroine". Incidentally, she's charging even more than Rani Mukherjee who commands Rs 1.5-2 crores per movie. Even Deepika Padukone, who is only one film old, charges 1 crore. Preity Zinta doesn't even figure in the list of the highest paid actresses mentioned in Bombay Times.

As for Kareena Kapoor...well, I don't usually like her but she did a good job in 'Jab We Met'. Even the movie was quite breezy & entertaining, and she shared crackling chemistry with Shahid Kapoor. Too bad they broke up.

Have to give it to her for losing all that weight, but seriously, don't you think 49 kgs is underweight for a person who must be atleast 5'3" tall? Btw, she has amazing arms. I always notice women's arms because it's been my dream for quite a while to have perfectly toned arms. Even when I was a regular at the gym, I used to work most on my arms and got them quite a bit in shape. Bipasha Basu has great arms too.


The knife said...

20 qns: are you in qual?

Scarlett said...

Hahahaha! Quant!!

The knife said...

that's rare. Q 19, do I know you?

Scarlett said...

Not yet.

What's rare? Woman in quant or woman in quant who blogs?

The knife said...

quant who blogs...any gender...ok I guess that's where I end my attempts to guess...feels a bit spooky though