Sunday, November 16, 2008



Watched it today with a bunch of friends. I generally have issues with movies that use homose*uality as comic relief. 'Dostana' does that too, but the humor in the movie is so over-powering, I decided to just let go of my hang-ups & flow with the tide. Afterall, they were just acting gay for Chrissake! Once you take that in your stride, the movie is what you'd call "full time-pass" or complete paisa vasool!!

The first 10 minutes of the movie are ridiculously outrageous! They're only about John Abraham's abs & his butt. There's so much of Johnny boy on display that you completely forget Shilpa Shetty in her item song.

John Abraham comes out of the sea in Speedos, pulls his shorts up his butt, is shown walking around in his underwear which is halfway down his butt. And all this isn't subtle. It's right in your face as the camera follows his butt!! I mean, he has a nice butt & all but come on, that' was just ridiculous! We're not exactly a bunch of 16-year olds here, are we?

Even the climax was ridiculous! I don't even want to write about it. See it to believe it.

Apart from a few inconsistencies, such as Abhishek Bachchan saying he had to drink Pudin Hara after eating the food Priyanka Chopra had cooked for him (in Miami), and Bobby Deol, who is the Editor-In-Chief of the fashion magazine 'Verve' sporting a Fast Track watch, the movie was hilarious!!

The entire gay act between Abhishek Bachchan & John Abraham (must watch the scene where AB narrates the fabricated story of how he & John met and fell in love, the guy has done his research on gay mannerisms well) was over-dramatic but very well done without being vulgar or cheap.

PC has done well what she was required to do, i.e., 80% look hot & 20% act. Man, her outfits are just so H-O-T. I mean, I would've paid 250 bucs just to ogle at her outfits in the movie! Me and this friend of mine were salivating over her clothes & shoes throughout the movie. And did I mention, SHE IS THIN.

I can't usually stand Kirron Kher. Over-the-top seems to be her USP. She's played an over-the-top Punjabi mom in this movie too, and her ultimate scene in the movie, where she finally accepts her son Abhishek & John to be a gay couple, welcomes John into the family but doesn't know whether to refer to him as her 'son-in-law' or 'daughter-in-law' is outrageously funny!! She even takes off her golden bangles that she had saved for her 'daughter-in-law' and gives them to John. Lol!!!

Boman Irani as M (short for Murali, if you please), the gay editor of 'Verve' is adorable. Wonder how the man manages to win over the audiences' hearts time after time after time.

Another part of the movie I liked was that men (John Abraham in this case) has been 'objectified' or made an object of se*ual attraction just as much as women. About time, I say! Way to go, K Jo!

The movie might get its humor from homose*uality, but at one level it is also trying to make the Indian audience more open about the issue by taking a light-hearted look at it. And in a country where issues such as homose*uality are brushed under the carpet, this is one step in the right direction coming from one of the leading production houses in commercial Hindi cinema.

The only let down in the entire movie was Bobby Deol. Really, couldn't they find ANYONE else to play Priyanka Chopra's love interest? I mean, why him?? Anyone else...just about anyone...could've done!!

The soundtrack of the movie is upbeat & peppy. Apart from the 'Desi Girl' number, the other one I liked was 'I'll be alright'. It's a cute song on friendship.

My favorite part of the movie : Priyanka Chopra's outfits without a doubt. Can I have them please, Mr Malhotra? And while we're at it, can I also have her body to carry them off? :-)


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The knife said...

Shobha De wrote about the butt focus on Mumbai Mirror. She said his butt was more emotive than his face. Though I can't see any guy complain so much about a focus which focuses on a hot girl's cleavage ;)

Scarlett said...

I don't go by what Shobha De says :) But yeah, the focus on the butt was a bit too much & it was so in your face. I mean, only 16 year olds would get turned on by it. It was ridiculous!

Nirav said...

Wow! I never thought any female would label this movie as paisa vasool. The guys got their money's worth because of Priyanka - She does look really, really hot!

That aside, I personally didn't find the film too funny... In fact I thought it was quite lousy! I would have been really livid, had the screen presence of Ms.PC not pacified me!

Moonshine said...

I am waiting to watch it!!! Could not go this weekend!! Will go next weekend definitely!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Nirav - As I said, I would've happpily paid 250 bucs just to ogle at PC's outfits. The humor was an add-on bonus. So I felt I got bang for my bucs :)

@Moonshine - Watch it. It's hilarious!!

The knife said...

'only 16 yr olds?'. I guess women grow old early

Scarlett said...

They 'mature' early :)

The knife said...

sour grapes ;)