Thursday, November 13, 2008

Works Like Magic!!

The idea for this post has been taken from the column of a blogger-columnist that I don’t really like, for most of her posts/columns are inconsequential and trashy. For once she has written on something of relevance and that is: RETAIL THERAPY.

What is retail therapy? Simply put, it is the act of purchasing things you like (clothes, shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, gadgets, household stuff…could be anything!!) when you’re feeling low & coming back home having blown up a truck load of money but feeling deeply satiated. Ah!!

Retail therapy could, under certain situations, be better than a massage. You spend big bucks doing both, but at the end of a shopping binge you not only have added to your material possessions, you’ve also come back with something gorgeous to wear, carry around or even put up in your house. And yessir, retail therapy works not only for women but also for men. The only difference is that men indulge in it less often than women, which is obvious because they feel depressed less often than women because their solution to most emotional problems is to pretend there is no such problem, and voila! The problem disappears!!

The only flip side to retail therapy is a depleted bank account but the many pros more than compensate for it:

  1. The things we buy do not have a say in whether they like us or not. If we like them, we’re good to go!!
  2. Other women can eye them, covet them but they can’t have them!!
  3. They never complain of aches & pains when we want to go out.
  4. They don’t have the need to waste away in front of the television.
  5. They don’t get jealous of our other possessions, never ask us questions & never act possessive.
  6. And finally, they’re unconditionally devoted towards us. They never cheat on us. They’ll be our loyal companions until the day we decide to discard them or give them away!!

UPDATE : It sucks living in the East! I'm used to the late morning-breaks & late sunsets of the Bombay. I'm used to waking up at 6am, seeing it's still dark outside & going right back to bed, and to it being bright till 7-7.30 in the evening. In Calcutta, it's already bright at 5 in the morning & dark by 5 in the evening! This sucks!! Gives a whole new meaning to the 'sun rises in the east & sets in the west' phrase we learnt as kids!!!


The knife said...

let me assure you that we never wake up at six in the East

Scarlett said...

But the sun rises so ridiculously early!! I have to get up to shut my window/draw the curtains...then I go nicely back to sleep :) But I could do without the disturbance!!