Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not What I Signed Up For

It’s one of those weekends one can do without.

I was very happy when I went in to work yesterday morning. Friday syndrome, you know. Until I opened my mailbox. There was a mail from my client sitting pretty in my inbox, asking us to make a presentation to him & his team on Monday. We hadn’t even started work on the presentation! That meant working late on Friday as well as having to work today (Saturday). Bleh.

But it was okay b/c I had Sunday to look forward to. Had made some very nice plans with a friend. Was really truly excited about it. This afternoon the bomb dropped. My friend is stuck in Jammu, where he was travelling for work, and he can’t get back before tomorrow night. As if a working Saturday wasn’t enough to ruin my weekend, there went my Sunday plans too! I’m totally disgusted…I mean, how much more crappy can it get??

Told you, it’s one of those weekends one can do without. I certainly can.


The knife said...

there is nothing as bad as a ruined weekend

Scarlett said...

That too when you're not getting paid for it. You're practically doing charity....for someone who doesn't need it!!!

The knife said...

your generation is spoilt. Staying late in office and coming to work on weekends were virtues when I started to work. I never subscribed to them.