Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Want

  • I want accountability. I want the Government to stand up and take responsibility for what happened, and stop playing the blame game.
  • I want the Government to take concrete steps to prevent such attacks from happening again on Indian soil. I want to see tangible results – such as uprooting of all terrorist training camps from Pakistan & all terrorists wanted by India being brought to book – and I want timelines for these.
  • I want the Z-Class security cover of politicians to be taken away immediately.
  • I want the army to take over the country until the entire system is cleaned up. Like what happened in Punjab. Yes I know we’re a democracy but desperate times call for desperate measures.
  • I want Raj, Uddhav & Bal Thackerey put behind bars for good on a non-bailable warrant for playing divisive politics among the people of India.
  • I don’t want my countrymen to die cheaply, in bomb blasts or floods or terror attacks.
  • I want the Indian Government to stop all peace talks with Pakistan with immediate effect, until the Pakistan Government cooperates fully with India on the fight against terrorism – with tangible results.
  • I want more patrolling of our borders, land and sea.
  • I want tighter security measures at airports, railway stations, malls & theaters, and I want Indians to stop cribbing about standing in queues, getting their bags checked & getting frisked. We will have to give up some liberties to be safe, and that’s a choice we have to make.
  • I want apparatus like CCTV & metal detectors that actually work at these places.
  • I want the defense forces, the NSG & the police to be better equipped & better paid. I want our money – the taxpayer’s money – to go into bolstering these organizations & not to provide Z-Class security to useless rubbish piece of s*** politicians. The defense forces deserve much more than they have, and India deserves much better.
  • I want to hear no talk, absolutely none, of the “spirit of Mumbai”. The Spirit is dead, gone. It is now time for you loathsome politicians to swing into action, to payback the people of India for all the facilities they provide to you.
  • Let us not think that a change in Government will bring about an end to this mayhem. It is just the bad luck of the Congress party that it happens to be at the Center right now. The other governments have equally tarnished records with communal riots etc. to their name, and things would have been no different had another party been in power. The only way things will be different is if there are concrete steps taken to end terrorism against India.
  • Let us be united in this hour of tragedy. Let us not think about who is a Mumbaikar and who is not. Who is a North Indian, who is a South Indian & who is a Maratha. Who is Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Parsi. This is an attack on India and not on Mumbai. It is a coincidence that Mumbai happens to be the financial capital of India & a city visited by many foreign tourists. The same thing could very well have happened in Delhi or Bangalore or Kolkata. Let us understand that we have been done in as a nation, and let us stand together with Mumbai.
  • I want us not to go back to our daily lives pretending as if nothing happened. I want us to remember those 3 days of terror for a long long time. I want us to grieve for the people, both victims and security personnel who lost their lives. I want us to remember that our politicians have let us down like never before. I want us to remember and even respect the grit & determination of the terrorists, who were so convinced of their mission & so completely focused on their goal, however heinous it was, that they held hundreds of security personnel at bay for 3 whole days. Let us respect that, because if we don’t we will not be able to sustain our rage against the Government that has failed us. We will stop pressing for accountability from the Government. We will stop asking questions. We will stop demanding better homeland security. This furore will subside just as fast as it rose, and we will go back to being the lax, vulnerable people that we are.


The knife said...

I have Santa is good to you. More importantly, there seems to be sparks of anger this time because they have hit everyone - the rich, the poor, Indians, foreigners, civilians, army and policemen. Hopefully Hemant Karkare's wife's refusing Modi's money and Mr Unnikrishnan throwing out the cretin at Kerala might spark something. It did happen In Bangkok after all

Trailblazer said...

I wish you get what you want.

Nirav said...

Agree with you - especially the last point. I hope that all of us would remember this incident firmly and would use our rage to extract better governance from the politicians...

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Something has to happen this time. We have been exploited & fooled enough by our politicians.

@Trailblazer - I'm not quite sure how to interpret your comment.

@Nirav - I agree. The key is to not forget what happened. The moment we do, we will go back to being the vulnerable society that we are right now.

The knife said...

https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=34378453&postID=4967472737961042287&page=1 a blog you might like and a discussion you might want to jump into