Monday, December 22, 2008

Naach Basanti Naach!!

There’s a reality dance show called ‘Nach Baliye’ on Star Plus in which real-life television couples participate. I find their reaction to the judges’ comments after their performance most amusing. They take the judges comments so seriously…they yelp & jump when the judges give them good comments/scores, they even start crying when the judges give them negative comments!!

The reason I find their behavior utterly amusing is because of two reasons…..

a) these people, the participants i.e., are all television actors. They aren’t exactly the "common man" for whom the show is their one big shot at fame, money & a glittering career in television. So why do they take the comments so seriously??

b) Have you seen the credentials of the judges themselves??!!! I have no clue what gives them the experience or the right to judge these shows? Karishma Kapoor & Arjun Rampal are two of the judges on ‘Nach Baliye’. Errrr….why? Karishma might have danced in many movies but she is in no way qualified to judge a dance-based show. God knows Arjun Rampal can’t dance! Malaika Arora has made a career of judging dance shows? Why again?? The only song where she’s danced well is‘Chhaiyya Chhaiyya’. All her other “item numbers” are over-hyped. She’s hilarious…she even gets offended & walks out of shows if any of the contestants questions her judgement. Urmila Matondkar & Shilpa Shetty have also served as judges on another dance show with TV actors called ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’.

Basically the funda seems to be to take any flop/has-been actor or actress who is currently vella & to sign them up as a judge for a reality show! This works well for both parties...the judge is light on the pocket of the production house, and the actor/actress gets some visibility & income. Seldom do these shows actually help resuscitate the careers of these have-been's. Take Shilpa Shetty & Urmila Matondkar for instance. Both women were full-on doing jhatka-matkas on the reality show, obviously to show producers they weren't jaded yet. Urmila would even go on to the dance floor uninvited & start dancing. Still I don't think they gained anything from the reality show in terms of a boost to their sagging careers.

When the credentials of the judges themselves is dubious, should their judgment be taken so seriously??


Nirav said...

I don't know how you even survive through watching such shit! Spare yourself some pain lady - stop watching it

Moonshine said...

When the show initially started.. a couple of years back..the first few episodes were interesting because i guess i hadnt seen any such show ever.. and now it just gets on your nerves.. i am really not able to tolerate it.. its not even meant for us i think!!!

As for the judges... the crappiest was Urmila.. and they play this irritatign senti tune.. whenever judges hug/ kiss or do something to the contestants.. extremely irritating!!!!

Scarlett said...

@Nirav - The only reality show I watch is Indian Idol. The others are watched for a maximum of 5-7 minutes at a stretch when I'm flipping channels of looking to watch timepass TV. The only channels I find worth watching otherwise are Travel & Living & Star World.

@Moonshine - You're right. I too watched only the first season of 'Nach' & 'Jhalak' because it was a new concept.

Serendipity said...

I find Indian Idol annoying as well. I enjoy watching auditions for all these shows, and thats it.

It all seems scripted, every ousted person gts promises of sngs and what not. It all so BLAH.

Ive stopped watching Television save for the news since quite some time now... and watch dvd's of my shows and movies instead.