Monday, December 8, 2008

Some more random (or not so random) thoughts

Simi Garewal needs to be yanked out of her Breach Candy illusion & plunged into reality. How can the woman make such blatantly ignorant & inflammable statements on national television, such as there being Pakistani flags everywhere in slums across Bombay & the idea of carpet-bombing Pakistan, at a time when the country is already on tenterhooks?

The Pakistani flags she referred to are religious flags of Muslims, and carpet-bombing an entire nation certainly isn’t the optimal solution a democracy should seek. I hope, on hindsight, she understands the gravity & enormity of what she callously uttered on ‘We the People’ on NDTV.


I think politicians not only in India but even in Pakistan have lost it after the Mumbai attacks. Everyone’s running around making nonsensical statements. Take the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, for example. First he says that even if the terror attack was carried out by Pakistan-based terror organizations, they are non-state actors so the Government can't do much about it.

How can one make a statement like that?

Even if they are non-state actors, it is Pakistan’s responsibility to get rid of them for the simple reason that they are thriving on Pakistani soil. Other countries certainly can’t go rushing into Pakistan bombing them, can they? The crackdown has to come from the Pakistani government.

Then he insists he got a call from the Foreign Minister of India threatening military action again Pakistan. Jesus! Hasn’t he been in politics long enough to know that any call from a Government Official/Minister of one country to another follows a protocol, which includes activating the foreign affairs ministry & embassies of both countries? The Minister of a country does not randomly pick up his cell phone & dial the number of a Minister of another country! Definitely not to make calls to threaten military action against the other country for whatever reason! And this joker not only believes the call was genuine, he even mobilized his country’s militia to respond if an attack happens!! Isn’t that worrying?

Really…who makes such jokers the Prime Minister??!!!


SRK was on NDTV saying that the scariest aspect of the terror strike was that the terrorists came through the sea & could simply disembark & enter Mumbai. Come to think of it, that is actually scary. Who would’ve thought they could come by boats into Bombay! SRK too lives by the sea, and the terrorists could very well have disembarked at Bandstand instead of Badhwar Park and bombed the daylights out of ‘Mannat’. That would’ve been a big enough story too! He’s lucky they had other plans!


I can’t believe there was a debate going on between political parties in Maharashtra on whether a Dalit or a Maratha should become the next CM of the state. These @^%&*$# politicians can’t think beyond caste & ethnicity even in times of a national crisis!! Why don't terrorists annihilate them I wonder. Maybe because they too know no one will give a rat's ass in India if politicians die.


Raj Thackerey finally emerged from his hideout to thank the security personnel who rescued Mumbai. I don’t even want to waste words on that man. But I read a funny poster held by one of the silent protestors at the Gateway of India which said “Missing : Raj Thackerey. Find him and win 5 Vada Paos!!” It’s befitting to him.


In all the rage that engulfs us, we also need to be calm & rational. I see a lot of dangerous sentiments flying around. People are criticizing an entire community for the act of a handful of fanatics, and that is just so dangerous for our country. Communal violence within India is what the terrorists want; we can’t give it to them. People need to be careful of what they say. Everyone’s calling it Islamic terrorism. That’s the same as calling the demolition of the Babri Masjid Hindu Terrorism. How true is that? How many Hindus sympathized with & supported the demolition of the Babri Masjid? That was the action of a handful of Hindu fanatics, just like terrorism is today.


The knife said...

I must say I am very very impressed and touched by the way the Muslim community has come out against the latest terror attack. And this is across from regular folks one knows to Sharukh Khan (loved his interview on CNN IBN) to THE RELIGIOUS LEADERS. It must have taken a lot to not do their black flag protest on Babri Masjid Day. One of the most pictures of the Gateway Protest was that of a train of Muslims in full Muslim attire (beard, white kurta, cap) with a banner saying "down with Pakistani terrorism).

I must say I wished my neighbours Eid Mubarak with extra feeling this year (and have already got two packs of mutton in the fridge!)

Jokes apart, Raj Thackeray really had the opportunity to redeem himself by standing by the people of Mumbai and being our Rudi Guiliani. I guess I have seen too many fairytale Hindi films

Scarlett said...

I am really glad too that the Muslim community chose to react the way they did - by standing by India & condemning the attacks. Because the country was so precariously perched just after the attacks, the threat of communal violence was looming over us. Raj Thackerey is a coward who believes in traumatizing the powerless, and he only proved this during the attacks.

The knife said... the past - 1984, bomb Blasts, Babri Masjids, Godhra...innocent people got killed because political had their agendas and this is common to all parties. I was worried this would ahppen this time. I think the way the Muslim community came out really shut up everyone. Otherwise many more would have been killed by political terrorists. Let's see if politicians have the same maturity. The Ranegate doesn't leave me too hopeful but i believe that there was a good debate in the parliament yesterday