Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Watch That Thing!

These days there is some report or the other in newspapers regarding sex scandals involving the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

He is either caught throwing parties for nubile nymphets at his sprawling villa in Sardinia, making sex tapes, or getting former topless models to act as hostesses to the heads of various nations at international diplomatic conventions!

Before Berlusconi the media was obsessed with French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy’s high-profile affair with Carla Bruni – their courtship, their public display of affection for each other, Carla Bruni’s nude photographs etc.

And then there was Barack Obama caught ogling at a lady guest’s butt at the G-8 summit in Italy while Sarko smiled appreciatively from the sidelines. Photographed at the wrong moment, maybe?

While no one in Italy seems to mind their Prime Minister’s sexcapades (or at least we don't hear of it in the media), the French, known for their conservativeness, condemned their Prime Minister. There was a murmur in the US as well about the appropriateness of the conduct of their newly elected President at an international summit but it was mostly dismissed as “Hey, a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do!”, thanks to the liberal attitude of the Americans.

This got me wondering…how would we (Indians) react if our Prime Minister or President was caught frolicking at a beach in the South of France with barely clad – or better still - naked women? Or divorcing his wife while still in office in order to marry a much younger woman with a risqué public image?

Just the thought has me in splits. Imagine how we would react! There will be an uproar across the nation. The “Indian culture” flag will be brandished in his face wherever he goes, the gods will be invoked...Hell, I’m sure he will be impeached just for that, poor guy! And without the Z-class security our PM/President enjoys, he might even be lynched by the public!

What about you...how do you think we will react as a nation if such a thing happens involving one of our Heads of State?


Moonshine said...

I think the person will offer to resign on moral grounds!!!! Thats what will happen!!! And opposition will come to power!!!

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Oh...how uninteresting. I think we need some mindblowing scandal to rip apart the moral fiber of the nation :)