Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Soul Food

Now for a fun post!

What’s your 'soul food'?

You know the food that comforts you when you’re stressed out or depressed or generally feeling out of sorts? The food you crave the most. The food, after eating which, you feel your world will set itself right back again?

Mine is Chinese food! I love it so much I can eat it day after day, everyday, and not tire of it!

What’s yours?


Mumbai Diva said...

ice cream. always. i think. also maggi. and if i'm going out because i'm depressed, italian food.

Moonshine said...

Any good hot food is my soul food - includes chinese / north indian (parathas, chole bhature, chole kulche), south indian, italian, maggie, eggs.. whatever it is it has to be steaming hot and good obviously!!!!

The knife said...

Writing about food

Scarlett said...

@Mumbai Diva - Ice cream is a big pick-me-up food I agree. Any dessert for that matter! :)
And some of us pay a heavy price for it!!

@Moonshine - You seem to be easily pleased :)
Low maintenance is good.

@The Knife - You enjoy writing about food more than food itself? I have my doubts ;-)

The knife said...

well at least I don't have to worry about calories or cholesterol when i write. But seriously my pick

- coffee with soft macademia cookie/ Candies petite four or brownie
- Brownie a la mode from Baskin robins
- bhaat, mushirir daal, eelish bhaaja and alu bhaaja
- hakka noodles and chilly chicken
- New market phuchka... you can blame the tears on the chilly powder

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - That is a whole lot of 'soul food'. You cheated! You were allowed one option :p