Thursday, April 15, 2010

That Little Bit Extra

Okay, so I did the Cherry on Top award, and I said that my honesty, my "coolness" quotient :) and my sense of style were the 3 things I love about myself.

On hindsight, I couldn't think too much at the moment of writing the post due to work pressure. And there were various other amazing things about myself that I over-looked. Such as the fact that I'm such an independant person. I love love love that about myself. I've been living on my own since the past 12 years, and I'm completely self-sufficient. I manage my own life and my finances, I deal with the crises in my life on my own, I run my errands, get things short I can deal with most problems in life on my own, without the help of another person. Unless there is a language barrier of course.

I also forgot to thank Chanz enough. Thanks a ton Chanz for the award, and sorry I didn't thank you properly earlier. new pic is up! With my new "look"! I got this haircut completely unaware that this was going to be, like, the hairstyle of the season. Just went to my stylist and told him I wanted to go short. He said, "How about a bob?"

I said, "Sure, why not?"

He said, "An asymmetrical bob?"

"Even better!"

And that's how this look came about. And I love it, it's so chic! Now all these stupid Bollywood people, such as Lara Dutta, are going & getting this look, posting it all over Twitter and calling it their "summer look". Aargh! It's a style infringement. I expect to be compensated. With Oscar De La Renta dresses, Miu Miu hand bags and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, no less.


Chanz said...

wow... u look amazing..and is it really the syle of the season..??

:( I cant cut my hair short... It is just too wavy... :( m so bloody unlucky when it comes to hair...


and u dont need to thank me so much.. I like to read your blog and so u got it.. In short, u deserved it honey..

Moonshine said...

Was wondering why you didnt talk bout the independence bit!!!!

Your hairstyle is so hep!!!!!! I am inspired

The knife said...

Nice :)

From someone who has seen some of the references in close quarters

Scarlett said...

@Chanz - Everyone's getting this haircut & totally stealing my thunder, so yeah it does seem to be the style of the season :)

@Moonshine - You look very cute with short hair. I think you should go short again :)

@Knife - LOL. You saw "her" pre-haircut I think :P