Thursday, April 1, 2010

Later Alligator!

Hi Mom! What’re you doing?
I’m at the parlor getting my hair colored. What are you doing?
Not much, I’m at home.
Listen I can’t really talk now. Can I call you later?
Sure mum. Bye

Hi Mom! What’re you doing?
I’m out having lunch with some friends. Where are you?
Oh, what fun! I’m home…
Listen beta, can I call you later?
Sure. Bye.

Hi Mom! What’re you doing?
I’m at a friend’s place. What are you doing?
Nothing mom, getting bored at home.
Don’t get bored at home. Go out somewhere! I’ll call you later, ok?
Ok mom. Bye.

Hi Mom! What’re you doing?
Papa & I are at K uncle’s place for dinner. What are you doing?
I’m at home having sad home food.
Home food is healthy. It’s not good to eat out so frequently. You guys eat our very frequently as it is. Listen beta, I’ll call you later, ok?
Yeah mom, sure.

Hi Mom! What are you doing?
I’m out for coffee with some colleagues. What are you doing?
Nothing. Where’s dad?
He’s gone to meet his friends. Listen beta, I’ll call you later.
OK mom.


Since when has my mother become this social butterfly? Shouldn't I be the one doing the party hopping & lunching with friends kind of thing? Since when has my mom's life become so happening? Isn’t she supposed to be there to talk to me whenever I need her? Is she supposed to go “later, alligator” on me??


Chanz said...

lol...poor u...

The knife said...

And Ganguly taught the youngsters a lesson or two too

Moonshine said...

What fun your mom is having!!! I am jealous and hopeful!!! :)

Scarlett said...

@Chanz - Yeah, poor me! :(

But actually I'm glad my mom still has a "happening" life. It's good to have people around you that you can talk to and be out & about at that age, especially when your kids are no longer living with you. You can say that while I'm just about sobering up, she's rediscovering her "wild" years. Ha ha!

@The Knife - Never underestimate your elders? :)

@Moonshine - Not only my mom, even my dad has an active social life. He & his friends chill at each other's places after work almost on a daily basis. Given that they live in a small town, I'm so glad they still manage to have fun.

Rajat said...

lol.. nice reading