Friday, April 23, 2010

An Uninspired Post - Do You Still Want to Read It?

Do you know the feeling when two of your favorite bloggers call/SMS you to ask why you've been silent on your blog for quite some time and is everything alright? And they ask you to get back to blogging because it's boring when you don't post?

Well, two of my favorite bloggers asked me just that and there's no better compliment for a blogger! It makes you want to do cartwheels, viral fever notwithstanding.

That's what it was, if you must know why I've been missing from action. Still is, rather. The virus, it strikes you when you least expect it to, and no amount of efforts to jack up your immunity during change of season by ingesting fruit juices, green leafy vegetables & vitamins will dissuade the determind virus from hitting & felling you savagely like them dinosaurs clasped lesser animals between their teeth & hit them bang on the earth.

So, plenty of fluids have been advised. By mouth to be specific, like there are other ways to ingest fluids. Oh yeah...the needles!! I don't even know what drugs are available in liquid form to be pushed up your veins, so I'm not sure why my doctor felt the need to be so specific of the way fluids need to be ingested. But he's a good doctor, keeps me away from antibiotics as much as he can. And also worries about when I'll get married!

I have also been advised rest but the powers above have decided that people are more productive at work when they're sick, and so I must accept my fate in life. But let me now get to the point of this post - which is that, people, be careful of the viruses! Temperatures are soaring, the humidity in the air is just short of turning to rain right at your eye level, and the air-conditioner provides the much needed relief. Except a-ha! The AC does you more harm than good. Not that you didn’t know that but let me expound anyway, since I love to hear myself talk.

Frequent alternating between a chilled and a hot room or the sun confuses your brain. It can’t send your body signals as to which temperature to adjust to, fast enough so your body isn’t able to make the number of anti-bodies it generally would under consistent temperature. Besides, viruses thrive in humid climates and are generally most virulent during change of season. This is a double whammy, in a bad way for you of course. And then there is the other issue of the AC re-circulating the same air over & over again. So if someone in the same room as you is breathing out viruses, they get re-circulated back inside the room instead of being expunged, and given that immunity is anyway low in colder temperatures, you are at a higher risk of catching the virus.


Moonshine said...

Yay!!!!!!! That was yay for the post!!! And not celebrating your virus of course!!! :)

I so hate feeling unwell.. so i truly empthaise with you.. and you should just put your foot down on work!!!! The company will not come tumbling down if you dont work.

So take enough rest ... and keep blogging :)

The knife said...

Coincidentally my mutant cold erupted the moment I picked up K from the airport. Finally found someone to pay it some attention.

Luckily for me I had a set of colleagues who were holding forth through this enabling me to work at my pace.

Source of attention's got snared at work though. So thought I'll open the comp and was happy to see you back on Rues De Paris.

So get well soon. I guess I'll add AC to the list of things such as red meat and pork which are bad news but which I gravitate towards

Anonymous said...
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Scarlett said...

Thanks guys. I'm better than before but the temperature keeps coming & going. Practically arm-twisted my doctor to give me antibiotics, so hopefull will feel better soon. It's been 5 days now & it's no fun at all. Usurped my weekend too :(

Moonshine said...

Watch some nice old Amol Palekar movie over the weekend,, you will feel better instantly

bricks said...

welcome back

The knife said...

You craved for bhindi. Poor thing. I have read of vered bodies and souls in old English novels set in the tropics. This sounds much worse

On a separate note, wonder how to ge dry bhindis. Lots of oil?

I am drugged and zonked too with anti-biotics. Surviving with Candies ministrations

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Yup, lots of oil. And frying on high flame (after the bhindis are cooked) till they get crisp.

The knife said...

Somehow honey glazed pork spare ribs sound less sinful thatn the bhindis you described :)