Friday, January 7, 2011

My Year in Blogs

I thought of taking stock of the events that happened in my life last year through the blog. So I went back and read all the posts I wrote from January through December 2010. The story of my life was hardly there! I was surprised.

Well, I had never intended to discuss or document my personal life on this blog, so I don't know why I was taken aback. The blog was always a place where I could come for some time off, rejuvenation, venting, cribbing, random babbling...that kinda stuff. I'm too queasy about putting my personal life on the web. Besides, I'm not an anonymous blogger anymore!

Still, it was fun to track all that I wrote about last year. I wrote a hell lot of stuff, mostly random, but here are some fun things I found:

January - I went to Mainland China for the first time!!!

February - Fretted about turning 30 in March :(

March - Turned 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April - Got a bob for the first time - an asymmetical bob at that. Got the Cherry on Top Award from Chanz (for beautiful blogs with that little bit extra). JK Rowling declared that Dumbledore was gay!! Developed a crush on Shane Bond.

May - The last Shrek movie came out :( Read one of the most depressing books ever - A Thousand Splendid Suns. Took me a while and many Vogues to get over it. Wrote one of my favorite posts - on coffee shops.

June - Got swept by the FIFA World Cup!! It was the month developing of new football favorites - Espana and Barcelona! Did a number of posts on football hotties - with & without clothes. It was a month of total football washout. Developed a crush on Fernando Torres. Was reminded once again that David Beckham is THE.ORIGINAL.HOTTIE :D

July - Spain became 2010 World Cup champions!! 'Inception' blowed away my mind - literally.

August - I started watching cookery shows and getting interested in cooking. Discovered a quaint Italian restaurant in the heart of Calcutta. This is the month Masterchef Australia started pulling me into its hold.

September - Started planning my vacation.

October - Went on vacation!! :) Visited Bangalore, spent time with the awesome Moonshine and her cool as a cucumber husband (that's a compliment, right? :) Visited my parents.

November - My 500th post!!!!!!! Diwali!!!!!!! Masterchef Australia mania reached a crescendo!

December - New role at work. Marion got eliminated from Masterchef Australia. Had my most amazing dessert till now - chocolate fondant with crushed peanuts and butterscotch ice cream with peanut & salted caramel. Divine. Christmas!!!!!!!!

The things I wrote about the most in 2010 were:
  • Food - Take a bow, Knife! :)
  • Hitting the Big 3-Oh!!
  • Weight issues :(
  • Social/current issues
  • Movie reviews
  • Cribs about life (sadly not so much about work or people at work...not being anonymous sucks!)


The knife said...

Hey, I was in a very exciting meeting yesterday to do with the launch of a new edition from a big news paper. Suddenly went to your coffee shop post as I was showing the blogging case. Glad to know it's your favourite post

Supernova said... the way you've put this post together...once a researcher, always a researcher?! ;)

Moonshine said...

So whats the "insight" scarlett post so much analysis? :)

Me thinks : Exciting 30th year you had :)

bricks said...

Ok, nice summary and the quantified insight. I could get you recuited at the PMO for our Scrum. :P

How is the new role treating you?

Just had the most amazing Epiphany cake/ pie... i m sure it would beat your fondant at the taste.

Scarlett said...

@Knife - Why is it that you always seem to be doing much more interesting work that I? :(

@Supernova - Not sure if I like that compliment :p

@Moonshine - I wasn't trying to do any analysis or dig up any insights. Was just trying to take stock of the events of last year :)

PS: The 30th year itself can never be exciting. However, it's only gonna get more & more exciting here on :D

@Bricks - New role is exciting! But quite hectic. Let me google 'Epiphany' cake.

PS: What's PMO for Scrum?

bricks said...

@Scarlett: PMO = Project Management Officer. (

Scrum = A recent popular Project management methodology (

Epiphany =

Phew!! thats a lot of wiki-ing

WSW said...

i love how you have put highlights of MC Australia..I was an addict too..But think MC US and MC india have put me off :(