Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Voice Within

Hey You,

Yes you...the girl sitting at the computer, working away furiously as if your life depended on it. Ignoring the hunger pangs, the tired body and mind that are crying out for a break. Yes, I'm talking to you.

I'm back as you can see. So let's have another chat, shall we?

Really, I thought you were a girl that wanted a job, not a career. Or were you?

You're spending ten hours a day in front of a computer in an artificial, closed, air-conditioned environment while the sun is shining in all its winter glory outside. You don't even have the time to open the blind to let some of that soft sunshine filter in.

Is this what you wanted out of your life? Do you even know what you're running after? Are you really looking forward to reaching the point where your life is all about targets and sleepless nights because you fell short by an arm or a leg?

What about your love for the outdoors, your dream of traveling the world, your desire to know when you look back at your life that it's been about more than spreadsheets and PowerPoint? What about that language you wanted to learn, the book you wanted to write, the trip you wanted to take across Europe, the commitments you wanted to make to your health and fitness...when do you plan to do those? If you haven't had time for them in the thirty years of your life gone by, you won't in the next thirty either. And then what...you will regret the life you've let slip by your fingers just as you regret not having made the most of the six years you've been working.

So, give me an answer. Do you want a job that let's you experience things in life that you need money for, and still gives you the time to experience things that money can't buy? Such as time to soak up the winter sun, to write that book you always wanted to write, time that you can spend with The Boy and your parents (who by the way aren't going to be around forever, in case you didn't realize). Or do you want a career with more responsibilities and more stress that leaves your pulse racing, your mind hassled and cluttered, leaves you with an irritable mood and with no time for loved ones?

I know you're going to ignore me again. Shoo me away. Ask me to leave you alone. I will for now. But you know what...I'll keep trying. Till the time you decide to listen to what I'm saying. Because I know it's not your fault...I wish the world was nicer to its people.


mêlée said...

yes the doubts and the quuestions come in between shaking us and demanding a decision. If job is money, then money can come from things that arent job. But when job is a part of me (a big part actually) then spreadsheets and powerpoints are the soul stirrers :D
personally, I love to work, more than that I love to crib, both before and after work!!

The knife said...

this sounds disturbingly familiar

Scarlett said...

@Melee - You love to work, good for you! For me, I just want to be happy, and that means I want a job that helps me pay my bills, travel and save some for the rainy day without consuming my life whole.

@Knife - Is this a 'stage of life' thing?

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett I went through this about 6 months ago. How did I come out of it? I cannot remember - it was change of scene I think. New team, new role did it for me. I started enjoying work and ensured I did not work weekends. In fact in the last 6 months, I havent worked any weekend either.

Why dont you make time for yourself everyday - a daily rule - to do that one thing you love - read, eat something nice, have coffee with a friend..something.. anything..

Supernova said...

Do I even need to say 'I know what you feel'?