Thursday, September 22, 2011

Post Office

You read it right. I am blogging about a post office. Oh dear...

I haven't lost it. If you can ignore the fact that I get inside the lift and forget to press my floor. The reason I'm blogging about a post office is because today I saw the cutest post office ever!

You're thinking 'post office and cute?' Right? Post offices aren't supposed to be cute. They're supposed to be these bare-bone quiet places with grumpy clerks (what are they called again?) that you go in & out of.

This is the post office near my office in Sydney. From the outside it looks like one of those post-colonial buildings that's trying to be a colonial building. Once you climb up those stairs and enter through those brown doors, you'll be in the cutest room ever!

This post office sells greeting cards and stationery! And other things that don't excite me such as comics and video games. But let's talk about stationery...this post office has the cutest pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pens, note books, stickers and other knick knacks on display! All brightly coloured from pink to magenta to yellow to purple to green and aqua blue. Oh it's beeeeeeautiful in there! Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture of the inside but I felt like a kid in a toy shop surrounded by all that adorable stationery.

You know what, Aussies are fun loving people. It takes people with a fun mindset and who don't take life too seriously to come up with the idea of making a place as functional and morose as a post office a place that makes you smile :)

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Moonshine said...

Look who's back!!!! :)

Did you buysing anything????? Or maybe the question is Did you buy everything??? Hehehhee

The other day went to Bombay store.. bought a random bollywood diary.. just because it was very cute!!!!!!!!!

The knife said...

hey you have written. after so long.

I desultorily opened my reader before shutting the comp and was thrilled to see the post and the Post Office

You know, the post office played a big part in my life when i had just moved out of home to Mumbai. The rush to drop in daily billet douxes, weekly letters to my mom, or was it montly, and occasional letters in laboured Bengali to my granny.

The PO at Bandra is a dinasour but has a certain quaintness to it

This post brought back those memories

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - I bought this adorable magenta pencil (I don't know why, I'll never write with it!)) and an eraser with koalas on them! :)

@Knife - I don't think I've ever been to the Bandra post office. Used couriers for as long as I remember! Very few people use couriers here...only if it's urgent office stuff that needs to be delivered. Everyone goes to post offices :)

mêlée said...

good to see you back here :)
Lovely picture on blog header

Scarlett said...

@Melee - It's part of Bondi :)