Saturday, September 3, 2011

What can be the most frustrating thing if you're not a cook and you're trying to cook something to satisfy your craving?

The thing you're cooking turning out a big flop or not working out at all!!

I've been craving kadhi for quite a few days. Not the Punjabi kadhi with gram flour pakoras but the Gujrati one...lighter yellow in colour, thinner consistency (like soup) and flavoured with curry leaves and green chillies!

Guess what happened once I started cooking it...the curd curdled!!! Grrrrrrrrr.....

I ran out of yogurt and curry leaves so couldn't give it another go. Then I went online and figured out my mistake. 1) I was using low fat yogurt which does not have the emulsifiers of full-fat/regular yogurt and tends to curdle when cooked, 2) I took yogurt straight out of the fridge and started cooking it whereas I should've used yogurt at room temperature.

The recipe I was referring to used low fat yogurt and didn't mention anything about the possibility it could curdle, but I'm asuming the woman is a domestic Goddess that can make the impossible possible, I'm totally not. So I will be wiser tomorrow (hopefully) and give it another shot because I really really want to have goddamn kadhi. Oh, how I miss my cook from back home :((

Life sucks. Thank God there's chocolate.

And Happy Father's Day, Daddy.


Moonshine said...

Nothing can be more frustrating than not immediately being able to satisfy one's craving... grrrrrrr... and whats more frustrating than that.. people suggesting you have a fruit to lieu of what you feel like eating. Damn it!!!!

The knife said...

hope your kadhi works out tomorrow...dahi is tough to cook with

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - Oh yeah, people will go "Have a fruit/salad instead" Grrrr

@Knife - I hope so too. I really really really want it. My system is craving nutrition.

PS: I think you two are the only people who bother to read my blog anymore! Don't blame the others though...I've hardly been posting of late :(

mêlée said...

hope you had the kadhi right!
If you were here, I could have made you some :)

Scarlett said...

@Melee - Thanks! hope I get the opportunity to have food cooked by you some day. I have a feeling you're a good cook :)

I postponed my plans to make kadhi till tomorrow. I want pasta today :)

The knife said...

i look forward to posts from you so if you ever look for a reason for writing you have one :)