Thursday, May 7, 2009


There's a reason Calcutta has little to offer by means of 'hanging out' except restaurants & movie theaters. It's called 'adda culture'. Adda essentially means a bunch of people sitting somewhere smoking, drinking (if indoors), discussing politics or football and philosophizing. Bengalis aren't infamous for these without a reason! :)

Unfortunately the group of friends I have in Cal are big fans of 'adda'. Hanging out at home is their idea of entertainment. It's so not mine! A few months after moving to Cal, I got so sick of this I stopped being a part of it and would hang out only if we were going out. Well, mostly....

But now that my sister is back from the UK for good, I'm determined to reclaim my life :) Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? But for a person like me whose idea of a weekend/holidays is spending as much time out of the house as possible doing stuff - movies, lunch/dinner, shopping, coffee, whatever - it was nothing short of losing my life. With my sister back, life will come back to normal.

We enjoy the same things, my sister & I. And no, we don't get bored. It's the 'Sister Pact'! Good to have you back, honey :)


Moonshine said...

My sis was also in town this weekend. We never connected too much when we were kids.. we were always fighting.. but now that we are older, we share a good relationship!!! Its so much fun just to chat and go out and do all kinds of tp with your sister!!! Everyone should have one!!! :)

Scarlett said...

I totally agree! Even we used to fight alot when we were kids but after we started living apart, we started valuing each other more. My sister is the only person I go shopping with..I don't feel bad about making her wait while I try on clothes. Don't have that comfort level with even the closest friends. I think that's what makes sisters so valuable!