Monday, May 18, 2009


There’s this thing that happens with me that I truly hate myself for. I usually stumble out of cars.

Strangely, it doesn’t happen when I’m getting out of my parents' car when it wouldn’t really matter whether I make a graceful exit or not. It happens only when I'm getting out of a friend's/acquaintance's car and I want to make a graceful exit. It’s absolutely horrifying!!

I would either be carrying a million bags & it would be raining…which means I have to get the umbrella to open and get out with the bags while holding the umbrella in one hand…or my shoe will get stuck in some part of the car and I will just about manage to stumble out, gracefulness can go to the dogs. And I hate it.

Does it happen with you too?


Moonshine said...

Yes yes yes... it happens all the time to me!!! Esp when going for formal meetings / with bosses.. or when i am going to some high end place.. always happens.. my bag is also another problem besides the umbrella/books etc etc issue.

Our office cab is a van.. and i always need to jump out of it coz it is high and not low.. in the sense even if you put your foot out, it will be dangling and not reach firm ground!!!

Scarlett said...

It's so embarassing!! Strangely, it never happens to other people who might be with me at that time.

Moonshine said...

And my head will hit the door / roof etc of the car!!! Yes its quite embarassing!!