Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend to Remember...for a Long Long Time :)

Life rarely disappoints. An awesome weekend is, more often than not, followed by a killer Monday. Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be much happier if I quit working for good. Afterall, what can give more happiness than not having Monday morning blues?!!

I had a nice long weekend. Friday was off due to International Labor Day, or May Day in some countries. We had plans to go to the beach for the weekend, which we cancelled due to the searing's been 41-42 Celsius for a couple of weeks now! So we stayed put in Calcutta with our respective air conditioners and a bunch of DVDs for company. And of course, with KKR's hilarious performances in the IPL, there was enough entertainment around!

Did A LOT of eating out this weekend! By A LOT, I do mean A LOT....lunch & dinner on Friday & Saturday, and lunch on Sunday!

Sunday lunch was the best of it all. I caught up with a friend from college who I hadn't met in a year...was meeting her for the first time after she got married, to a very cool guy may I add. But apparently, marrying cool men isn't enough to ensure you'll have a fun life after marriage. As my friend kept saying, "It's all nice, you know, with the whole stability thing...but it's also very boring. You spend all your time dealing with domestic issues...something or the other keeps breaking down, or the maid fails to show up, or there's no running water...and all your time goes in calling up people who will come and fix these things a million times before they actually turn up, waiting for them to show up, arguments with the maid etc. Trust me, you're much better off unmarried, if you're not too hung up on the stability thing that is!"

Words of wisdom? Well, words of experience definitely.

Anyway, coming back to the story of my marvellous Sunday lunch. We went to a deli for lunch. Ordered pasta, and while we were eating there was a thunderstorm followed by a downpour! It was completely dark outside. The cafe had glass walls on either sides, and we could see the rain lashing against the glass.

We obviously were not going to be able to go anywhere for quite some time, so we ordered dessert! Any prizes for guessing what we ordered? For those who aren't clued in, cheesecake has been giving brownies very tough competition as my 'Dessert of Choice' for more than a year now. So cheesecake it was! Baked creamy cheesecake, mind you. Not the mousse-like fluffy cheesecake you get at most restaurants. I can't even begin to tell you how badly I miss the Baked Strawberry Cheesecake at 5 Spice in Bombay!! :(

And then....we ordered coffee!! Nothing beats a hot cappuccino when you're watching it pour while you're dry, warm and fuzzy inside.

The other highlight of the weekend was the acquisition of 2 hand bags. Yes, not one but two!! One is olive green & brown while the other is purple. And I loved them both so so much, just HAD TO buy them. 2 bags in a single weekend...what more does a girl want? :P

A lazy lunch of pasta, followed by cheecake and coffee while it pours outside...if that doesn't sound like a perfect Sunday afternoon, I don't know what would. It was enough to make up for the horrid Monday I had :)


The knife said...

coffee, cheesecake, rain around recipe for heaven

Scarlett said...

Isn't it just awesome? We loved it so much we kept stretching the lunch :)