Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They're Here!!!

Rains!!!!! They are back!!!!!

We've been getting steamed like momos for the past month & a half or so. There was a thunderstorm the weekend before last, that I wrote about here. Since then the temperature soared once again, hovering around the 41-42 Celsuis mark. Until yesterday evening.

There was lashing rain accompanied by thunder & lightning. I got soaked to the bone. There's a thrill in getting drenched in the rain which is unparalleled. It makes you jump, sing, smile, laugh, happy!!

It's been raining again since morning. The American Embassy right behind my office has a very well tended to lawn (obviously) with lots of trees. Everything is so lush green, having absorbed all the rain.

I love the rain. Only I wish it rained when I'm ensconced inside my home and not when I have to negotiate puddles of rain water on my way to/back from work.

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