Monday, October 5, 2009

The Abyss

I thought reality television had hit the absolute bottom with shows like ‘Splitsvilla’ & ‘Perfect Bride’, both derogatory to women, but it seems to have slithered down further. There is a show on NDTV Imagine titled ‘Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh’, the ‘Woh’ in question being a toddler who does not belong to the pati or the patni..

The concept? A bunch of TV artists who are also real-life couples (newly married without kids/dating) are locked up inside houses – a house per couple – and are given the responsibility of taking care of a toddler who belongs to “common” people, for a month. I think I caught the re-run of the first episode over the weekend and I was so horrified, I couldn’t watch it for more than 15 minutes. It was just so painful to watch the babies wailing after their parents left them with strangers and went away! The babies just wouldn’t stop crying! How terribly cruel!!

What’s your take on this show, if you have watched it that is? Or on the concept if you haven’t? Does anyone else think it is wrong on the behalf of parents to leave their babies, who can’t even crawl let alone speak, with strangers for an entire month? I mean, what kind of parents are they? Are they even responsible enough to be parents in the first place? It's like renting your child out for a month in lieu of money.

Would you?

We make a hue & cry and ask for a ban on a show where adults discuss their personal lives on television, of their own accord. What about the dozens of reality shows being paraded under the disguise of “talent hunts” where parents make their kids compete for money? That is clear exploitation of kids, why doesn’t anyone take notice?

There is a reason why parents/guardians are made custodians of children under 18, by law. It is not so that they can abuse that privilege for monetary gain. Do you think we are reaching a point where there should be a blanket rule for all children under 18, rather than letting parents be the decision-makers for them?

EDITED TO ADD: One of the couples on the show is Rakhi Sawant & Elesh Whatshisface. There are already reports in the media that the two have broken up after shooting for the show got over. Very conveniently, Ms Sawant cited "compatibility issues" as the reason for the break-up. I knew all along that 'Rakhi ka Swayamwar' was a big farce. Rakhi Sawant is a smart cookie, she wouldn't kill her career at a time when it's soaring. The men on the show had nothing to lose...they got paid & a chance to get noticed by film producers. Well, they must have been hoping for it anyway! What's more I think Rakhi's appearance on 'Main, Meri Patni...' was decided even before the winner of Swayamvar was announced so she could use the show as an excuse to tell the world they've broken up. Games people play!! And you thought Rakhi Sawant was getting married.


Ashwin said...

you seem to be watching too many reality shows of late

Scarlett said...

@Ashwin - Calcutta will do that to you. It's an insane place to be, giving rise to insane behavior!

The knife said...

I nver took to reality shows. But we get a full download when we meet our mothers.

Not reading much into the data though. Honestly ;)