Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's Time!

To pack away the skirts, start lounging about in track pants & a sweat shirt rather than 'short' shorts & tank tops, and get the winter wear out! Because winter has set in, people!! And I'm happy as a mouse with his cheese :)

I really love winters. I love the chilly wind. I love it when the tip of my nose gets red but my hands are warm inside my gloves. I love wearing sweaters...and socks and shoes instead of open sandals. I love the feeling of comfort you get in a mug of steaming hot chocolate. I love the feeling of sun on my skin. But more than anything, winter also means that it's time for Christmas!!

And we LOVE Christmas over here :)

On a different note, I had a fab weekend. Started my Saturday with cleaning parts of my house. Cleaning can be very therapeutic, especially when you're frustrated or angry with someone. This was the fifth consecutive weekend that The Boy wasn't around. Now, he's not my entire life but he IS a considerable part of my weekends, and if you're used to seeing a person almost every day of the week, not being able to see them for five weeks in a row can get a bit too much to handle. Then on a complete impulse, I got a haircut - short, barely reaches my shoulders, with sideway bangs.

In the evening, I hung out with a 'girl' friend after what seemed like ages, and guess what? I suggested she get a haircut too! She played along & came out looking like a million bucs. How I wish I had hair like her - straight & voluminous.

We had Shawarmas for dinner & wrapped up the evening with chocolate chip ice cream! The two of us generously flirted with the cute owner of the ice-cream shop. He flirted back. We asked him how fattening the waffle cone was as we were both dieting, and he was like, "'re eating ice-cream!!" Anyway, we flirted some more, giggled, got our favorite ice-creams, got free toppings, wished him a good weekend, waved at him & left.

Today I had a lovely brunch - toast, American-style scrambled eggs (without cheese), fat free bacon (!!!) & OJ. How healthy are we!! Then I got a mind-blowing head & body massage, followed by a hot shower, more food & a nap. The massage was planned. The cute guy we flirted with was a bonus. Can a weekend get any better?

How was yours?


The knife said...

An unusually productive Sunday: made an omlette and fried sausages, coffee with cookie, got A C shifted from old house to new, book case converted into shoe case, posters fixed on the wall, baby sitting electricians and carpenters, checked car in showroom, directed maid to make pabda for lunch, and fried ilish mysel for dinner after carter Road walk, restaurant review written for feastguru. The married man's version of 'It's time'?

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - You have posters on your walls? Which of the two of you is still a teenager?? :)

Fried Ilish after a walk...just what the doctor prescribed, eh?

And what's the married man's version of 'it's time'?

The knife said...

Aare art house posters ..we have two huge ones of Scarface and Taxi Driver...mid size sepia one of woody allen film festival...two posters of photo exhibitions which we picked at the Red Cross Museum and three post cards of old Swiss ads ... not the Stallone and Juhi C stuff of my teen days.

I fried the ilish in olive oil for whatever it's worth.

Married version as is chores verses pampering :( Though, as I said, rare