Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Love My Evening Cup of Tea

Ever since I started working at my new organization, I am able to get back home at a more reasonably hour. And the one thing I love to do after coming back home is to unwind with a cup of tea, a tradition of sorts started by my ex-roommate (miss you MB, I do) & I.

I take a hot shower (yes, there's a nip in the air in the evenings!!), slip into the softest pair of boxers & t-shirt, make myself a hot cup of tea, and catch up on my social networking or watch some mindless show on TV while I sip on it. The type of tea I have in the mornings is fixed given that I can't even respond to my name without a shot of caffeine to my system, but I usually experiement with the type & brand of tea in the evenings.

A cup of tea after work can do wonders for you, if you're a tea lover that is. It soothes frayed nerves and puts you in a more peaceful, less agitated frame of mind...it's like closing the chapter of your day. I simply love the feeling!


The knife said...

Just read your post and called for a cup of hot water to dip in a green tea bag. bad headache

K and I often catch up at Gloria Jeans or candies for coffee before ambling home

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - That's so cute! And romantic!! And...and...fun!!!