Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do Not Try This At Home

I’m talking about making Tandoori Chicken on a gas stove. Which moron tries to do that, you ask?

Well, you get three guesses & the first two don’t count!

Why did I do that? Because a) I don’t have a tandoor oven or a gas tandoor at home but I really wanted to make tandoori chicken, and b) A friend of mine made it on the gas stove once & it came out looking just like it looks at restaurants.

You want to know how mine looked? It looked like a chicken dish without the curry!

To be fair to myself though - and to my dearest gas burner - it didn’t taste bad at all. It tasted quite good actually, thanks to my superior marination skills. I beat some yogurt, added generous amounts of ginger-garlic paste, lots of tandoori chicken masala (in the hope that the damn chicken would come out looking red as it does in restaurants, but it came out as pinkish-orange at best) & kept it in the fridge for 24 hrs. It tasted awesome…just that it didn’t look like tandoori chicken at all!

I must get hold of my friend & torture her until she spills the secret as to how she made hers look just like professionally made tandoori chicken.

On an aside, I’ve been going for a jog/walk since Monday. Have made it 3 days in a row! Let’s hope it continues.

There is a huge lake about 100 meters from my house that I’d never seen the face of in the one & a half years I’ve been living here. On Monday I decided to go. It was a momentour occasion in the history of mankind, I tell you, because I’ve been planning to go for a jog around the lake for about a year now. There is a nice jogging track and tons of people walking, jogging & doing yoga & all kinds of weird exercises. There are companies peddling health food/drinks at the entrance, and food stalls. The grossly obese uncles & aunties who come for their “morning walk” – because their arteries are choked with cholesterol & the weighing scale threatens to shatter under their weight – put a nice end to their walk by gulping down kachories deep fried in oil & jalebis that are saturated with sugar syrup. I wonder why they bother to get up in the morning & come for a walk at all, because trust me, it’s a BIG pain to do so!

It takes all the motivation that I can gather to wake up at 7am (I set my alarm for 6.30 & hit snooze at least 3 times before I get up) with the prospect of having to torture myself physically. No one likes to exercise, accept it. The motivation for me is that I need to lose 6 more kgs (yes people, I have lost 6 kgs already!!) , and the bonus is that I get to watch rowers glide through the lake in their boats & lech at their toned, muscular, dark glistening bodies jog by my side after their rowing sessions. You see, the lake is home to the Calcutta Rowing Club.


The knife said...

Listen the main thing was that it tasted great. My micro tandoori chickens don't like the restaurant ones too.

That's because they add colour!!!!!!

Loved the imager of kachori after morning walk. Reminds me of K's and my early days at Patwardan Park followed by sugarcane juice

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Where's Patwardhan Park??

You know...I guess just like we're suckers for agino motto, we want the red color in our food too? :) But my friend's tandoori chicken came out looking just as it does in restaurants even though she made it on the gas...I should ask her if she added color too!!

BTW...even the morning walkers at Victoria Memorial stuff themselves with kachoris, jalebis & aerated drinks after their walk. Such retards!

The knife said...

Patwardhan park is the Sindhi version of Jogger's. Just behind the linking Road shoe shops.

Did you know that commercial tandoori chicken is tandoored and kept and fried when someone orders them

Moonshine said...

At least you made tandoori chicken!!! And it tasted like tandoori chicken too... thats quite impressive!!! I have not experimented too much with chicken.. have made chilly chicken (a version which my cousin taught me) and murgh do piaza (from one of the shows on TV)!!!!

Scarlett said...

Moonshine! Your internet is working again!!

Moonshine said...

net works, comp does not :((