Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding Bells


Not mine.

But people around me are getting married like it's soon going to go out of fashion! There is a line-up of weddings in December & January. All fairly close people which means I need to show up at more than one function (the wedding), and I have a grave problem at hand…I don’t have enough Indian party wear! Heck, I don’t have enough Indian wear in the first place except sarees, which in my perpetual state of “healthiness” and my terrible draping skills, make me look like a freshly-fed cow!!

The thing is I don’t buy salwar kameezes for myself except for a kurti here or there, for work purpose, that I dunk over a white churidaar. Usually. Most of my salwar kameez shopping is done by my mom. She just buys a bunch of suit pieces, and my sister & I choose the ones we like when we’re home or when she comes over. Like most Indian moms, she has an amazing rapport with shop keepers who gladly take the rejects back.

The problem is most tailors don’t do a good job with party wear. In any case, you’d like to have some embroidery on your party wear, which is outside their realm. So one is left with no choice but to go to designers (boutique owner types) who milk you for all that you’re worth. But then, when you’re resembling a freshly fed cow, you’re not left with too many options.

Gah, I hate the wedding season!!


The knife said...

you don't resemble a freshly fed cow :)

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Yeah I don't. I resemble a freshly fed baby elephant. Or a baby hippo! You pick :)

The knife said...

I have actually been called a baby elephant by a teacher in the 4th Standard.

Naah these don't work for you either. More options please

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - Well, I'm out of option b/c nothing else will be more appropriate! And you were called a 'baby elephant'? How cute is that!!

The knife said...

not that cute...I was quite super sized when i came to india and had various nicknames around the word Mota

I think I am getting there again :)

Moonshine said...

Wear a sari... try draping a few times at home.. it will be fine!!! Or buy a chiffon sari.. very easy to wear!!! :)