Friday, December 18, 2009

Rich & Sexy

I want to be RICH and SEXY. I don’t want to be famous because I love my freedom to do the simple things in life, such as walking down the street, hanging out at coffee shops, walking into any store/restaurant without getting mobbed etc. way too much to give it up.

But I would LOVE to be rich so I can travel across the world without worrying about whether I have enough $$$ in my bank account, shop as much as I want to without having to worry about going broke, and live in the house of my dreams. In that order.

And I would love to be sexy so I can slip into any dress without having to worry about whether it would fit me, look smoldering in sexy lingerie, wear the sexiest cleavage revealing tops and the tiniest of skirts, and make heads swoon.

But as of now neither of these looks like it’s happening, so I’ll just sit quietly & plan that mind-blowing trip to Europe that may or may not happen someday, and dig into my hot gooey chocolate walnut brownie.

Shit, I won’t be able to gorge on brownies when I become sexy, right? And I'll have to live on water & sprouts inspite of having all the money in the world. Kinda like movie stars?

Life is such a bitch.

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Serendipity said...

I Want Happy and Slim :)

Mumbai Diva said...

nah! i want rich, famous and sexy. all three.

Serendipity said...

who is this idiot jim and why is he spamming us.

Moonshine said...

rich!!! rest will come along with it :)

Scarlett said...

@Serendipity - There's a big part of happiness that money CAN buy! And 'slim' goes with 'sexy' :)

@Mumbai Diva - The only reason I don't want to be famous is coz I don't want people mobbing me wherever I go. I love my freedom to be anonymous :)

@Moonshine - Rich won't get you 'Slim' & 'Sexy'...but then you wouldn't need to worry about those things, would you? :P

The knife said...

that's rich... If I were a rich man...I'd eat. I'd travel. I'd write...