Monday, February 1, 2010

Raspberries & Plums

Boy: You’re smelling of strawberries.

Me: Raspberry. And it’s Body Shop. And it costs a bomb so you better not trash it.

Boy: I don’t care. I don’t like fruity moisturizers. Why would anyone want to smell like a fruit?

Me: Well then, I guess I know what we’re doing tonight.

Boy: No wait! I didn’t say I couldn’t make exceptions! Isn’t raspberry, like, an exotic fruit? I can make an exception for an exotic fruit!

Later on the same night…

Boy: You need to go back to the gym!

Me: Errr…shouldn’t you, like a good friend who cares for my mental & emotional well-being, be encouraging me to be comfortable in my own body?

Boy: No.

Me: No?

Boy: Like a good friend, I’m supposed to be encouraging you to lose weight.

Me: (Damn!) Ummm, don’t you love having more of me to love?

Boy: No.

Me: No?

Boy: There’s way too much of you to love. I don’t need so much.

(Double damn…The reverse psychology thing was really not working!)

But after some time, The Boy felt bad…

Boy: Well, you don’t have to be thin thin. You can be plum.

Me: It’s not ‘plum’ silly, it’s ‘plumP’

Boy: What??!! I thought it was ‘plum’!

Me: Plum is a fruit!! You know, like plum cake, plum custard….?

Boy: Oh…but you like fruit

Me: I like smelling of fruits, I don’t want to BE one!

Boy: Hmmm…is plum an exotic fruit too?

Me: No it’s not. Go to sleep now. G’nite

Tell you what, boys WILL always remain boys :)


The knife said...
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The knife said...

not a good place to mention that i bought a strawberry wash for the wife from watsons and have been hogging. Gosh need to do some toiletary shopping for self

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - LOL. Way to go! :D

Moonshine said...

I like smelling of chocolate.. body shop used to have this cocoa butter body scrub.. simply divine!!! Esp on the days when you feel very tried and are in need of upliftment of spirits..

Oh yes.. and boys will be boys!!!

Scarlett said...

I used to use cocoa butter moisturizers which would make me smell of chocolates. But A always made fun of me for smelling of food! So I now use cocoa butter only when I'm by myself & need some pampering. Though fruity shower gels/shampoo/moisturizers still remain my favorite :)