Friday, February 12, 2010

Saffron is the New Color of Terror

There are disturbing articles in the papers. Articles about how multiplexes in Mumbai have refused to screen 'My Name Is Khan' despite assurances from Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan that they’ll be given full security. But more disturbing are articles about how in order to be successful in Mumbai, every industrialist/ Bollywood personality needs to pay obeisance to Bal Thackerey, the self-proclaimed protector of Mumbai. This had me enraged.

Earlier, I was angry at the fact that the Maharashtra government didn’t take any action against the Shiv Sena when their goons were beating up North Indians a couple of weeks ago! Mantralaya was silent as a lamb. But when it came to protecting the interests of the powerful, moneyed people of Bollywood, the State Government suddenly woke up & started arresting Shiv Sainiks! How pathetic is that?

The decision of multiplex owners not to screen MNIK for fear of Shiv Sena, despite assurances of safety from the State Government, is a damning commentary on the state of our government & our democracy. It goes to show how impotent the Maharashtra government is considered to be. And I am not surprised - Vilasrao Deshmukh was nowhere to be seen or heard during 26/11. The one man who should’ve been at the helm of affairs was conspicuously absent. There have been repeated episodes of the Shiv Sena & MNS terrorizing & beating up non-Maharashtrians in Mumbai, rioting and destroying public property while the government has watched silently. No wonder they brazenly continue with their hooliganism, with complete disregard for law & order.

I want to know why the Thackereys - all three of them - are not behind bars. Every individual has the right to protest in a democracy but aren’t rioting, spreading communal violence & destroying public property, criminal offences?

I am ashamed to be a citizen of a country where goons hold the society to ransom, abuse & beat people up while the government, rather than bringing them to book, issues meek statements such as “this is not in the interest of the state”. Or empty warnings about withdrawing Udhav Thackerey’s Z-plus security while Udhav gives them the finger saying he doesn’t need state cover in the first place!

The Shiv Sena won’t let Australians play in Mumbai because of the attacks on Indians in Australia. But they are attacking Indians in India! Someone needs to tell them that North Indians are Indians too. Just as much as Maharashtrians are. Maybe those uneducated law-breakers don't know that the borders of India extend well north of Maharashtra.

For me, anyone who spreads terror through violence of any kind is a terrorist. They need not have a beard, be waving a green flag, or reciting phrases from the Quran.


Moonshine said...

They disrupt the entire city and then call themselves patriotic.. i still remember when all of us got stuck for over 2 hours without a cab as all cabbies were afraid of these guys!!!! Really pathetic.

Scarlett said...

I remember. They were burning buses & taxis 5 mins from our houses at Shivaji Park. They beat up Indians from other parts of India too & call others racist.

The knife said...

and it took me thirty minute to drive from Pali Naka to Bandra Po (Globus) because of terrible traffic... but who cares