Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's With The New Coke Commercial?

I used to think Pepsi owns undisputed rights to make lame advertisements. Their strategy was to sign up all the movie & cricket celebrities possible, put them in one frame and give them lame lines to mouth, just b/c they had to be given some lines. Who cares about content or message?

I preferred the Coke ads way more - their campaigns revolved around the product and brand values (purity, trust, happiness etc.) rather than a bunch of loser celebrities. But have you seen their latest ad - the one with Imran Khan & Kalki Koechlin? I don't like it at all. I can't even tell someone what it's about because there's no story whatsoever.

The ad before this (the one where a guy & girl are studying together, they link hands and coke flows from the veins of the guy to the girl's) was quite cool. This one's a drab, the only good thing being the song playing in the background.

Those who haven't seen the ad yet can check it out here. And tell me how you like it :)


perplexed said...

I loved the open happiness ad! The song is Mohammed Rafi's.. I love it! not so much the ad though.. imran khan needs to practice drinking from a bottle in front of a mirror!

Chanz said...

The ad isnt too bad... but I dont like tha girl.. And I agree that Imran khan really needs to practice drinking in front of a mirror.. 3 gulps and the bottle is empty... funny.. !! :|

Moonshine said...

Loved the music.. really liked the Kalki - Imran pairing.. but i agree not much in the ad conceptually!!!

Scarlett said...

@Perplexed - Give the guy a break...it must be really difficult to drink from an imaginary bottle & pretending to gulp when there's nothing to gulp down...LOL :D

@Chanz - I don't like Kalki Koechlin either. She was in DevD BTW.

@Moonshine - The music is the only good thing about the ad.

The knife said...

Kalki was a regular at G J. Shifted loyalties to Coffee Bean now.

Haven't seen the ad. The earlier one was international

Chanz said...

Oh yeah... She seemed familiar... Though I must have seen her in some commercial.. But yeah.. Dev D..