Friday, February 26, 2010

This is Hilarious

Errrr...couldn't hubby standing right next to her have pointed out that maybe she's forgotten to wear a blouse with her sari?


Chanz said...

Hahaha... Saw that... She has got guts... truck loads of it.. Obviously she has have it coz she is 'il'famous for it too..

Scarlett said...

@Chanz - I'm not sure whether it's guts or stupidity. I mean, if you scroll down that webpage, she's covering herself with a folder, so obviously she would've realized it wasn't a very good idea to go topless. Especially if you're wearing a see-through chiffon saree. But yes, she's famous for wearing little. More power to her, really, but sometimes it just turns out looking stupid, like this time.

The knife said...